Chinese students are suing Apple for not including chargers with the iPhone

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A group of students from Chinese universities are suing Apple for its decision not to include chargers with the iPhone 12 and newer versions.

After Appleā€™s decision in 2020 not to include chargers in the box with its iPhones anymore, the company has repeatedly faced fines from Brazil. He is now the subject of a new lawsuit, this time by a group of students from Donghua University and Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

According to Shanghai Rule of Law Daily, the case was presented at an online hearing of the Beijing Internet e-litigation platform. After a two-hour session, with evidence from both students and Apple, the court is now reportedly gathering supporting evidence and written material.

One of the students, whose name is only called Fang, started the campaign after buying an iPhone 12 Pro Max. It was one of the first without a charger, and its goals include forcing Apple to provide a charger.

She also wants the company to pay 100 yuan (approximately $ 15.50), probably per customer, and to pay court costs.

“Apple is seriously violating the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,” she said during the hearing. “Most consumers, and even Apple employees, are equally confused and angry about this, but most have become the silent majority.”

Apple claims that its box for the iPhone 12 Pro Max clearly does not include a charger. The company said earlier that the reason for the removal was a reduction in carbon waste.

Criticism of Apple’s account of removing the charger comes as the EU continues to propose that all mobile phone manufacturers move to a common USB-C charging standard.

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