Chinese students are suing Apple for giving up the iPhone charger

A group of students in China is suing Apple for no longer including chargers alongside their latest iPhone models. The lawsuit asks Cupertino to cough up charging adapters, breach of contract and court fees.

Apple has already been fined by Brazil’s consumer protection agency since it stopped shipping power adapters for the iPhone 12 last fall.

Apple has sued for dropping the iPhone charger

Apple still includes Lightning to USB-C cable in every iPhone case, but no longer includes the power adapter or EarPods we used when we bought the latest iPhone models. The company says it is for environmental reasons.

Not only does giving up the charger (and headphones) allow Apple to minimize the packaging of its iPhone, thus reducing the environmental impact of transportation, but it also means it has to produce fewer charging adapters.

This reduces carbon emissions and the use of precious materials, says Apple. It also reduces e-waste, as most iPhone customers already have a suitable charging adapter. But the new lawsuit says Apple’s claims are false.

His prosecutors, a group of students from Beijing and Shanghai, claim that Apple discarded the iPhone charging adapters just to push its MagSafe charging kit, which uses a wireless charging standard that consumes more power.

They also say that the Lightning to USB-C cable that Apple ships with the iPhone “is not compatible with other chargers on the market,” Vice reports. Therefore, they could not charge their iPhone 12 units as advertised on Apple’s website.

An apple under fire

The lawsuit comes after the Brazilian consumer protection agency fined Apple almost 2 million dollars earlier for selling iPhone 12 devices without charging adapters. Many iPhone fans support the pressure that Cupertino is now facing because of his decision.

Meanwhile, the European Union has proposed a regulation that could force all smartphone makers, including Apple, to make USB-C ports standard on all mobile devices to reduce waste and protect consumer interests.

An Apple representative pointed out that this is not the only smartphone manufacturer that has stopped including chargers with its devices. But students claim that others in China offer packages with and without an adapter included.

Apple and students are now in the process of submitting more evidence to the court after the case was presented in a competition for lawsuits of public interest earlier this month.

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