Chargie: Smarter than Apple’s optimized battery charge

Chargie is a device that aims to be even smarter than Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging feature and to bring the same benefits to other battery-powered products you own.

Apple started introducing smarter charging features from iOS 13 and has since introduced an intelligent battery management process to AirPods and Macs – but more is possible…

Gadget charging problem

iPhone, iPad, Mac and most other devices use lithium-ion batteries. The advantage of lithium ions is that it is very efficient, it packs a lot of energy into a small space. The disadvantage is that these batteries need careful charge management to give them the longest possible lifespan.

Lithium-ion batteries can be damaged in one of two ways. The first one completely exhausts them. If you often consume the battery at zero power, it will significantly shorten its life.

The other is to keep them at 100% for a long time – which is something that will easily happen if the device is left charged for a long period of time.

Optimized battery charging

iOS 13 has introduced an optimized battery charging feature designed to solve this problem.

This is enabled by default. iPhone teaches your daily routine and predicts how long the iPhone will be on the charger when you go to bed overnight. After a few weeks, they will learn to constantly wake up and turn off their iPhone at 8 in the morning, for example.

With this prediction of everyday behavior, optimized battery charging prevents your phone from fully charging up to 100% as soon as you turn it on. Instead, the iPhone’s battery will be charged to about 80%. This means it will stay on for about 80% most of the night, even though it is plugged into the charger all the time. Just before 8 a.m., the iPhone will finish charging and should reach 100% as soon as you remove it from the charger to continue the day.

Although this is a great starting point, it is a completely automatic process, without any flexibility. It works well if you have a consistent schedule, especially if you charge your phone overnight, but that’s not the case with everyone. Some people have a charged phone at their desk, for example, they carry it with them to internal or external meetings on a changing schedule.

This is Chargie coming in.

Chargie makes every phone charger a smart charger

Chargie is a small device that you can place between the charger and the charger cable.

It connects via Bluetooth to an application on your phone. You can then adjust the percentage to which you want to charge manually, just as is offered in high-end electric cars such as Teslas.

Or you can schedule your device to be recharged manually, at a time you know exactly. For example, you can keep your phone at 50% overnight (much better for the battery) and recharge it to 90% or any level you think is appropriate for the next day, completely avoiding a full charge state and using a two-step charging process . Even if you need 100%, it is much better to do it this way than just keep it charged at that level all night.

Chargie as a PD power limiter

Since the latest PD chargers can deliver an incredible 65 watts of current power, you’ve probably noticed that your phone usually heats up during the charging process and that this causes internal battery damage over time. Moreover, the current decreases when the battery is warmer. The new Chargie C Basic (for phones) deals with your PD charger and tells it to keep its horses at just 8 watts so your battery doesn’t overheat and the time it takes to charge doesn’t extend much compared to high power charging , just because iOS doesn’t shut down the process due to overheating.

Charging for Mac

Ovidiu Sandru, founder and inventor of the Chargie project, said they are also working on a MacBook version of the Chargie that will transfer power up to 100 watts and that protects the battery of your very expensive laptop in the same way as for phones. The queue will probably be huge on this one, so book your seat as soon as possible. If you want a Chargie C for laptops, there is a $ 10 booking fee per order (non-refundable, deductible at the time of ordering with the coupon), with deliveries starting sometime in March. The final price is estimated at $ 45. Your MacBook’s battery deserves the best protection you can get, especially if you keep it on all day.

Universal battery protection

Not only can you use this gadget to protect your smartphone batteries, but also various other “stupid” devices you have: flashlights, older GPS navigators, Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, smart watches and much more. Most of them have no smart charging limits at all and can spend days or even weeks with batteries that are 100% charged, leading to significantly shorter battery life. Chargie can also be used with basic lithium-ion applications created by hobbyists and manufacturers.

Chargie protects the environment as well as your wallet

By extending the life of your battery, Chargie saves you the hassle and expense of premature replacement.

However, it not only saves you money – it also helps the environment. Batteries use rare minerals that need to be excavated, and they also create an e-waste problem when it’s time to dispose of them. Chargie reduces or eliminates battery replacement, so he is kind to the planet.

Chargie is also produced in an environmentally responsible way. The process is lead-free, and the car and contacts are gold-plated to protect against oxidation, extending the life of the device itself as well as your smartphone.

Chargie is cheap

Chargie A costs only $ 29.99, and you can use it with any of the existing chargers and charging cables. It is compatible with any USB-A charger, and a brand new USB-C version is available here.

Take advantage of ‘chargieforios’ for a 10% discount, this week only! Wholesale shopping is also available at bargain prices per unit, making Chargie the best Christmas gift for your loved ones ’Apple devices. Read more about Chargie on the company’s website.

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