Charge your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch at the same time with this $ 17 cable

Keep your car, desk or nightstand neat and tidy while charging all your Apple gear.
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You don’t have to deal with the intricate clutter of cables just to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. Apple’s 3-in-1 watch and Lightning charging cable give you an Apple Watch wireless charger and two Lightning connectors. And you can get it on sale for $ 16.99 in gray, pink, blue, white, red or purple.

One charging cable for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

This three-in-one cable is the answer to one of those annoying little problems that won’t ruin your day, but definitely doesn’t make it any easier for you. The rope is 1.2 meters long – just long enough to get comfortably where you need it, but not so long that it will be impossible to tie.

The cable is made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. So once you have it, you will have it for a while. And of course, you can use it to charge three devices at the same time.

You can go to bed knowing that in the morning you won’t have to try to find all your everyday devices. Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad can be in the same place, completely squeezed. It also helps that you get the same lightning charge that many people like with Apple devices.

The triple threat cable is perfect at home or anywhere to take it. It is good that you can get them in more colors. Get red for the travel cable, blue for home use, and purple to keep with your iPhone photo kit.

All in all, this cable is a handy gateway to make better use of your devices – if only because you won’t always have to worry about how and when to charge them all.

Save on 3-in-1 Apple Watch and Lightning charging cable

Look at those intricate wires you currently have and just cut the cable. Get a 3-in-1 cable for the Apple Watch and Lightning Charger for $ 16.99 (usually $ 39) in gray, pink, blue, white, red, or purple.

Prices are subject to change.

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