Canon’s Powershot PX is a smart home camera for family moments

Canon has introduced the PowerShot PX, a stationary camera that uses face recognition and automatic subject search to automatically capture 11.7 megapixel images or 1080p60 videos. It is based on the PowerShot Pick, a large-funded experimental camera released only in Japan.

The PowerShot PX has a pan-and-tilt function (340 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically) and a focal length range of 19-57 mm (35 mm equivalent). The idea is that you can place it in a strategic place, for example on a table during a family picnic. The camera can then scan the scene, find people’s faces and automatically determine the best time to take a photo. “The best photos aren’t always set smiles … The PowerShot PX captures a huge range of views and precious reactions that you may not capture,” Canon wrote.

It can frame subjects “intelligently to capture natural expressions and reactions,” says Canon. You can also give priority to certain people, for example if it’s someone’s birthday. In theory, this would allow you to enjoy the gathering without having to separate and take photos, knowing that it will be done automatically. You can also take photos manually via the app or voice control.

After the event, you can use the iOS or Android apps of PowerShot PX to get recommendations for the best photos to save. They are then stored on a memory card, where they can be loaded onto a computer. It supports WiFi and Bluetooth to connect smartphones, so you can control images without having to check the device, Canon said. It can also be used as a webcam via the Canon webcam utility. (Runs on batteries with USB-C charging.)

The PowerShot PX is coming to Europe and the UK in November 2021 at a price of £ 500 / € 500 (around $ 585). No word yet on going to North America or anywhere else.

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