Bungie eases harassment lawsuit following Activision scandal

Bungie has long since split from Activision, but that doesn’t stop the company from distancing itself from the sexual harassment scandal that has hit its former publisher. The Destiny 2 the creator is implementing a series of reforms that he hopes will encourage diversity and inclusion, prevent harassment, and curb abuse. The most important thing is to join other technology companies in giving up the mandatory arbitration clause in employment contracts. Targeting harassment should make it easier to sue and otherwise disclose your complaints.

The company has also hired inclusion-oriented leaders, including a Chief Human Resources Officer and an as-yet unnamed but “deeply experienced” director. Bungie is further reviewing its recruitment practices to prevent biased selections and adds an anonymous third-party reporting tool (in addition to existing options) to reduce unwillingness to report harassment. CEO Pete Parsons added that half of Bungie’s board and four of the nine CEOs are either women or from an underrepresented demographic category.

Parsons emphasized that “more can be done” and that there is no ideal end. He felt it was important for Bungie to set an example for others, and hoped the gaming industry as a whole would improve its practice.

Bungie has not faced harassment allegations like Activision, Riot Games or Ubisoft. This seems to be a proactive step, not a reaction to internal turmoil. Still, the move illustrates pressure on developers to rethink their anti-harassment strategies — studies like Bungie want to prevent incidents long before they lead to lawsuits and protests.

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