Browser extension lets you see dislikes on YouTube (for now)

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If you’ve decided that you absolutely can’t live without seeing the number of dislikes that videos get on YouTube, now there’s a way to bring them back, at least for now.

A group of developers has created an open source browser extension, a suitable title “Recover YouTube Dislike”, this returns the number of dislikes on YouTube. The extension gets data from YouTube’s own API, which still shows dislike when used for public data, and restores the old look we used to see in videos before YouTube decided to get rid of dislike last month to address harassment issues and “dislikes”. Restore YouTube Dislike noticed 9to5Mac.

Interestingly, the extension shows you the exact number of dislikes the video received, not just the approximate values ​​that YouTube previously offered. (Creators he can still look the number of dislikes that received their content; the number is simply not available to the public. Individual users may also still dislike content to help them choose recommendations).

The extension is available at Chrome, where it has already been downloaded by more than 200,000 users and collected more than 3,800 total positive reviews. That can be installed on Firefox, Edge, Opera and Brave. If you’re an iOS user, the developers also have a version for you, but it’s a jailbreak, so they advise those interested to “use it at their own risk”.

As mentioned above, the expansion will temporarily restore YouTube dislikes. On theirs Github site regarding the project, the developers note that YouTube will remove the “dislike” field from its API on December 13th. This means that the number of dislikes will not be able to be accessed via the API after that date, which, according to the developers, “[removes] any ability to assess the quality of content before viewing. ”

Currently, the extension gets its information from a combination of YouTube API data and released data. The developers claim they are “save all available data” their database to ensure it will be available when YouTube turns off the number of dislikes in its API. In addition, they have a plan when YouTube removes the “I don’t like” box, although it’s not yet clear if that will work.

“By removing dislike statistics from the YouTube API, our backend will shift to using a combination of collected dislike statistics, estimates extrapolated from user extension data, and estimates based on view / like ratios,” the developers wrote on Github.

Restore YouTube Dislike is not perfect. The number of dislikes is updated every 2-3 days, which is “not ideal”, say the developers, and something they are working on.

The extension is free, although the developers are receiving donations on Patreon and the Russian payment platform YooMoney.

Although I understand why people are asking for the return of dislikes, as someone who prefers platforms that are not swamps of negativity, I do not miss them. To each his own, I say. Enjoy your dislikes while you can.

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