Brian Tyree Henry talks about Phastos ’faith

Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos in a poster clip for Marvel’s Eternals.

Picture: Marvel Studios

Eternals behind it there is an interesting casting of Angelina Jolie to Korean actor Ma-dong Seouk (or Don Lee). But not many would persuade Brian Tyree Henry to appear in the MCU film, even after he gave his voice to Miles Morales ’father Jefferson in the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. As a resident genius of Fastos Eternals (and one of the first openly queer characters at MCU), Henry was once again encouraged to play a black superhero and someone whose world history has helped him become acquainted with his current experiences in today’s life.

During a recent press conference for the film, Henry spoke about how news of black people dying in America in recent years has begun to legitimately affect his mental health. For Phastos, like the other Eternal, has a without interference a rule that means that humanity has been experienced in the worst condition for centuries, Henry associated with the optimism of his character in a world that eventually led to Fastos having a family. “What I really loved most about Phastos is that because of all that he is Eternal and could never die, he still chose love,” he recalled. It is a renewed faith in humanity that he hopes will come in the film: “The heart of humanity is still worth saving. And we can still bond, fix, and do whatever it takes to make love, and that’s what Chloe showed. ”

One of the other things that helped Henry was that Marvel didn’t want to change his body. This has been a hot topic lately, since his colleague Kumail Nanjiani passed away quite a transformation play the bombastic Kingo, and Henry was therefore anxious to take the role. But since he didn’t have to change anything about himself, he is proud to have had the opportunity to inspire a new generation of fans to see themselves in him. “It’s different from anything I’ve ever felt, so it just prompted me to be an 11-year-old kid who watches these superhero movies and never sees someone like me reflect.”

Marvel’s Eternals comes out on November 5th.

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