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Tom Hardy stares at the Venom symbiote as he holds the chicken.

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We covered the weekend of the box office for the month of October quite extensively. It was hard not with big tents like Venom,, Dune,, i Halloween Kills,, and it seems to have paid off in the long run, because homegrown things were best for the theater for quite some time.

Overall, October should have a cash register estimate of $ 638 million from the United States. It is said to be taken home the largest domestic treasury for cinema films since February 2020, and has now surpassed July as the highest-earning month of the year. Accounting for this weekend, volon the moon top 5 athey are all from big franchises: Poison 2 ($ 190 million), No time to die ($ 130 million), Halloween kills ($ 85 million), Dune (fine $ 69 million), and The Adams family 2 ($ 52 million).

That’s good news for franchises in general, but not so much for new releases that close in the month. My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission did the best of the new series, coming in fourth with $ 6.4 million. Not even close to huge success Demon Slayer: Mugen Train from the summer, but a step higher than last year’s $ 5.8 million opening Heroes Rising. At the back of the top 10 were horror movies Horns and Edgar Wright’s mind about time travel bender Last night in Soho,, each with $ 4.16 million.

What awaits theaters in November? For starters, there is eternal, next week quite divided Marvel is a film about a group of costumed discords trying to make up for not helping the world in the last six or seven disasters. It is expected to open at a price of 80 million dollars for its first weekend, considering the pedigrees of the MCU franchise so far. Prominent films this year include Disney Charm,, i Ghostbusters: The Underworld,, plus Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City i Gucci House. Anyone can guess what will end up hitting the audience and what won’t, especially with the holidays being thrown into the mix.

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