Blue’s Clues Host Steve Burns Twitter message to fans

Blue’s Clues hosts Steve Burns in a baseball cap and green shirt in front of an orange and pink background.

Steve Burns hits you with a long overdue intervention about the last few decades.
Screenshot: Nick Jr.

There are two scandals Nickelodeon‘s Blue’s Clues a story that will forever be etched in the memories of people who grew up watching the series during its original screening: when Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper got baby Paprika in the finale of the first season, and when the first Blue owner Steve (Burns) left the 2002 show.

Which is why Steve’s departure – and the introduction of Steve’s younger brother Joe (Donovan Patton) – was a big deal Blue’s Clues fans signified the passage of time and the reality that things were changing. In the years after the fictional Steve left Blue with Joe to go to college Blue’s Clues the legacy is relived in the following series Blue room i Blue’s Clues & You, where both Burns and Patton reprized their roles alongside Josh (Joshua Dela Cruz), Steve and Joe’s cousin.

In addition to the finals, where Joe watches Steve catch a bus out of town, Blues Clues he has never spent too much time thinking about the difficulty of his outing, but this week is ahead of us new live action Blue’s Clues film, Steve appeared on Nick Jr.’s Twitter page. -and with a message to all the people who knew him when.

At first, it’s disturbing to hear Steve admit to debt for a student loan he made after going to school, but it’s a part of life that many Blue’s Clues fans he finally realized how they had followed him steps. Despite that, it’s a little strange to hear Steve touch that old man Blue’s Clues parasolrelationship with other adults. But a serious video message could be something you’d want to hear if you’ve ever wondered if Steve is from Blue’s Clues ever think of you.

Blue’s Clues & You is now airing on Nickelodeon, and a new one Blue’s Clues the film should come out in the near future.

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