Blue Origin is a “poisonous environment,” current and former employees say

A group of former and current employees accused the company of nurturing a “toxic environment”. written by former chief communications officer Alexandra Abrams and 20 co-authors, the group claims that some senior Blue Origin executives “were known to be consistently inappropriate with women”.

The essay states that one CEO was repeatedly reported to human resources for sexual harassment. Another former CEO used women condescendingly and inappropriately inquired about their private lives. The group says that the person had a “close personal relationship” with the founder of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, and that he was removed from the company only after he touched a subordinate woman.

“We have found that many company leaders are inaccessible and show a clear bias towards women,” the group wrote. “Flying Concerns New Shepard were consistently imprisoned, and women were humiliated for upbringing. “The essay describes several cases of different treatment of men and women in New Origin, such as one man who received a party after being fired and a woman leader who let her order you to leave the premises immediately.

“The workforce dedicated to establishing this future‘ for all ’is mostly male and predominantly white,” the group said. “One hundred percent of senior technical and program leaders are men.”

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The group raises other concerns, such as Blue Origin, neglecting safety and environmental issues. The authors say, for example, that despite the company’s mission to “build a better world,” none of them “saw Blue Origin establish any concrete plans to become carbon-neutral or significantly reduce its large environmental impact.”

They say the “professional disagreement” has been stifled, and CEO Bob Smith has asked one of the groups not to make it easier for workers to ask questions in company-wide councilrooms. The authors of the essay state that Smith requested a list of “whistleblowers or whistleblowers” ​​within the company so that senior leaders could “talk” to those in their departments.

In addition, the essay refers to Bezos and Richard Branson. “Competing with other billionaires – and‘ progress for Jeff ’- seems to have had priority over security concerns that would slow down the schedule,” the authors argue.

The group concluded the essay by saying that Bezos and other Blue Origin leaders should be held accountable and taught how to run a company that respects and is accountable. “According to our experience, the culture of Blue Origin lies on foundations that ignore the troubles of our planet, close their eyes to sexism, are not sufficiently adapted to security concerns and silence those who seek to correct injustices,” they wrote. “It’s not a world we should create here on Earth, and certainly not as a springboard for the better.”

A spokesman for Blue Origin sent Engadget the following statement:

Ms. Abrams was fired for reasons two years ago after repeated warnings on issues related to federal export control regulations. Blue Origin does not tolerate any discrimination or harassment. We provide a number of opportunities to employees, including an anonymous phone line that operates 24 hours a day, and we will immediately investigate any new allegations of misconduct.

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