Bigger and better, but not on all fronts

Ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7 on October 15, the first wave of wearable equipment reviews began live. In this article, we have rounded out reflections from various publications on the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be a valuable upgrade over the previous generation, thanks to a larger screen and a host of new features provided by the familiar hardware we saw on the Apple Watch Series 6. Read on to find out what reviewers think wearable.

Review Review of the Apple Watch Series 7

The Verge

Apple Watch Series 7 verge

Verge generally praised the Apple Watch Series 7.

“The Apple Watch Series 7 is great. A larger screen and faster charging are the two headline features and both are welcome. The Apple Watch is currently in its class. Nothing else is so good for iPhone users, and nothing similar is available for Android users. ”

Looking back at the design and the larger screen, he rightly noted that, unlike rumors, the design changes are subtle and that the display has the desired effect.

“The Apple Watch Series 7 didn’t get the big redesign that was talked about. Instead, it looks almost identical to previous Apple watches and maintains compatibility with all previous Apple Watch straps, although there are incredibly subtle changes in its overall size and curves. ”

“The biggest change is the screen; 20 percent higher than the last few Apple Watch replays. It does what screen upgrades usually do: it makes an older screen with larger frames smaller. “

The publication praised Apple Watch’s ability to allow you to conveniently set multiple timers.

“The Apple Watch allows you to set multiple timers. You can set them in the timer application. You can set them using Siri. You can use Siri to name each timer. You can see all your timers stacked one after the other. It’s magical. That’s wonderful. It’s funny that by 2021 it was necessary for that to happen, and even funnier that the iPhone itself still can’t do that. ”

Praise continued in the battery department as well, where the wearable device was valued for its high charging speed, although Apple claimed the battery life was misleading.

“Charging is faster. Apple claims it’s 33 percent faster than the older cable and that sounds fine to me. Several times I managed to increase the juice by 20 percent in just ten minutes and it was easier for me to refill in the morning until the end as I walked around with coffee and breakfast. It makes it easier to use the watch to track sleep because it’s easier to fit a quick charge session. ”

“I wish Apple had done more to improve the battery life of the 7 Series, especially since this is a technical redesign. I would even take a screen the same size as last year’s model if it meant extending battery life instead. There’s nothing wrong with Apple Watch’s battery life, but I want it to aim more … ”

In short, The Verge recommends an upgrade if you need it.

“It’s a great watch – again the best smartwatch. If it’s time to replace the watch (or buy your own first), you’ll love it. If it’s not time to replace the watch, it’s not time to replace the watch. ”

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Engadget Apple Watch Series 7

At first Engadget didn’t think the screen was bigger, but turning on the device immediately changed that opinion.

“The difference is barely noticeable at first. However, when I turned on the screen, I was amazed by its spaciousness. It was then that this major design change became apparent. Apple used a refractive edge here to make it look like the screen curves slightly along the pages and helps the face feel even more expansive. ”

The publication has ascribed several new features to the new larger screen, including a new full-screen keyboard.

“A more spacious user interface is helpful. The code entry buttons stretched along the edges and I didn’t have to aim so carefully to hit the right keys. It’s easier to guess the appropriate settings in the control center as well, and I can see multiple messages from my friends at once. The heart rate and the time we go through during the exercises are also more readable. ”

“The extra space also means Apple has been able to introduce a full QWERTY keyboard to reply to messages by typing or swiping across the screen.”

In short, Engadget said that the Apple Watch Series 7 despite its high starting price is worth buying if you are in the market for smart watches.

“While the differences between the Series 6 and 7 seem smaller, it’s worth recalling that most people who own last year’s model probably still don’t want an upgrade. For anyone looking for a new smartwatch, the 7 Series will be a satisfying purchase, especially if you’ve never used it before. ”

“Still, it’s not the best sleep tracking, so if that’s your priority, you might prefer Fitbit. Despite the relatively high starting price of $ 400, what Apple offers is currently the best on the market, especially for the iOS ecosystem. ”

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Apple Watch Series 7 TechCrunch

TechCrunch loved the new colors on offer.

“Apple sent green aluminum, more subtle than I expected,” it is said. “It is a dark olive color, which can be easily replaced with dark gray or black under certain lighting. If you want something that stands out more, go for red or blue. ”

In short, he agreed with The Verge and Engadget.

“If you already have a Series 6, it’s not a big upgrade. Assuming yours is still working, you might wait a year or two to see what Apple has up its sleeve in the future, in terms of health and other features. As already mentioned, there are enough bits and beans for Apple to stay on top of the packaging. ”

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Check out some Apple Watch Series 7 video reviews below:

What do you think of the Apple Watch Series 7? Have the above reviews changed their minds or changed your decision to purchase wearable equipment or not? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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