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Nintendo Switch OLED handles

If you were lucky enough to find and buy the Nintendo Switch OLED, congratulations! While the rest of us crave the glow of that fresh OLED screen, you may be wondering how to make your new Switch look good for as long as possible. Since you’ll probably use a handheld device to take advantage of that OLED screen, here are a few ideas for special handles that will hold the Switch in your hands as long as you’re in the game.

That bundle tho:
Skull & Co. NeoGrip

Staff Pick

NeoGrip by Skull & Co. it looks like a thin piece of plastic – and it’s pretty simple on the surface. However, the package makes it worth buying. The package comes with multiple grips that snap into place. Pair it with a carrying case that holds a Switch OLED in the grip along with 10 games and you have a package that is hard to refuse. In addition, you can choose between white and red / blue to match the colors of your console. How cool is that?

  • $ 40 on Amazon

  • $ 34 at Skull & Co

Best Nintendo Switch Oled Grips Benzacap

It fits in the dock!:
Benazcap coupling housing

This Benazcap connection case is a quick and easy solution for the needs of your Switch OLED handle. It fits neatly into the Switch OLED docking station, allowing you to charge the device without having to disconnect the handle each time. It also allows you to use the stand if you decide to play on the table. This is a solid option if you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles.

$ 18 on Amazon

Best Nintendo Switch Oled Grips Oivo

This one is subject to the box:
OIVO Switch Grip

Here’s a catch with some bells and whistles! OVIO Switch Grip has two handles designed to replicate the Switch Pro controller, so it will feel familiar in your hands. It also comes with five slots in the back to hold extra games, as well as a built-in stand and extra thumb handles for the Joy-Cons. This is a Switch OLED handrail equivalent to a Swiss Army knife and will serve you well.

  • $ 16 on Amazon

  • $ 29 at Walmart

Best Nintendo Switch Oled Grips Gtaplam

The simplest solution:
GTAPlam protective case

Like Benzacap before, this is as simple as for Switch OLED handles. The GTAplam protective case protects the device from falling, offers additional holders that the Joy-Cons fits into and can remain attached both during charging and when the stand is in use. If you need a quick fix, you can’t go wrong here.

  • $ 15 on Amazon

  • $ 26 at Walmart

Top Nintendo Switch Oled Grips Trepcrow

One for children:
Trepcrow protective case

This one offers a simple solution to all the problems with the OLED Switch, but this one is made a little differently. First of all, it has materials that absorb shocks around the side, offering slightly more protection than other housings. It can also stay on during use on a dock or stand, but it achieves all this at a lower cost. If you are a parent giving your child a Switch OLED, this is the right hand to check.

$ 12 on Amazon

Top Nintendo Switch Oled Grips Satisfye

Manage your flow:
Satisfy ZenGrip Pro OLED

At first glance, the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro OLED doesn’t look that different from other grips, but there is one key feature that makes this grip worth the extra price. Satisfye’s patented “True Free Float” technology allows you to fasten the handle taking into account the air flow, keeping your Switch OLED cool like a cucumber even when it’s hard for you. Other handles may have heat issues, but the ZenGrip Pro OLED solution for that will make you feel, well, Zen.

Get caught!

Of these, we highly recommend Skull & Co. NeoGrip, because not only does it fit perfectly for most hand sizes, but additional holders and other accessories take into account the largest and smallest hands. Satisfye ZenGrip Pro’s unique airflow technology offers an extra layer of protection against overheating, so this is another thing to consider if heat is something you’re worried about.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, you can’t go wrong with the Trepcrow Protective Case, as it does the job with the least impact on your wallet. However, if this is a gift for a younger player, we have to repeat that the ability of OVIO Switch Grip to keep games inside it makes it perfect for a child who cannot decide which game he wants to take with him on the road.

The most important thing with these handles is your comfort, so try all this on your Switch OLED and see which one fits best in your hands. Once you find the perfect match, it will quickly become inseparable from your Switch as a charger, carrying case and memory card that we all had to buy to expand the memory.

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