Best Cyber ​​Monday deals for Nintendo Switch 2021

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There is nothing like the experience that the Nintendo Switch offers when it comes to gaming. You can play it while connected to the TV or remove it from the docking station and take it with you anywhere. In addition, it contains a large selection of solo and multiplayer games, which makes it perfect for entertaining the whole family either at home or on trips.

The Nintendo Switch and OLED Switch are great gifts from the N6, and Sega Genesis games are now on these hybrid consoles via the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. The consoles themselves rarely come on sale, but you can often find them in a package with accessories and games at a reasonable price. Here’s where you can find deals for this year’s Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch.

Top deals for Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch:

Where to find the best deals for Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch 2021

Deals on Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect companion to gaming as it can be played on TV with solo or multiplayer games, and can also be used in manual mode. It even has a footrest and a removable Joy-Cons, so you can adjust it in table mode to play anywhere, for example in a car while traveling or at a family gathering. In addition, many multiplayer Switch games allow up to four players, and some even allow up to eight, as long as you have enough Joy-Cons.

Best deals on Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch OLED

As I said before, Switch OLED is a great gaming system this holiday season. That larger OLED screen gives a far better visual experience than ever before, and the stand on the back goes along the entire console, not just as a small stick. Of course, it costs a little more than previous models, but it pays off because of these stunning visuals.

Nintendo Switch Oled Model Product Art

Nintendo Switch OLED – White

This latest iteration of the Switch brings an extremely improved OLED screen that more vividly displays darker and lighter shades. White is a brand new Switch color, so it stands out.

Nintendo Switch Oled red and blue

Nintendo Switch OLED – Neon Red & Neon Blue

This version of the OLED switch has the same legendary red and blue Joy-Cons as the original switch. However, it will make the hand-playing experience much more enjoyable with brighter images.

Best deals on Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch Lite is just a handheld device, which means it can’t connect to a TV. There is also no rumble, and there are no detachable controllers as with the larger Switch. Because of these differences, it usually sells for only $ 200. However, it’s not as divisible as the larger Switch versions, and some games don’t play as well on the Switch Lite. But it’s great for travel and comes in several fun colors.

It is also worth noting that a limited edition Switch Lite, Pokémon Dialga and Palkia Edition is available this year, which celebrates the upcoming games Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The best equipment offers for Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch

Don’t forget to pick up all the necessary accessories after you buy your cute new console. Even if you have had your Switch for some time, these devices will be of great help to you.

Best game deals for Nintendo Switch Cyber ​​Monday

There are so many great Nintendo Switch games on sale during Cyber ​​Monday, but these are the ones we highly recommend. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a particularly amazing purchase as it is one of the best Nintendo Switch games and has never been this low before.

When do offers for Cyber ​​Monday Nintendo Switch begin?

Nintendo Switch Old model in the Dock

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In the past, people had to wait until Friday after Thanksgiving for sweet offers to become available, but offers for Cyber ​​Monday appeared much earlier this year.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has announced that Switch production will decline by 20% this fiscal year due to a lack of chips. As such, it could be more challenging than usual to get any of the Switch boxes. If this is the case, you will want to make an appointment as soon as possible if you will get the Switch this year.

How to know you are buying a real Nintendo Switch this Cyber ​​Monday

Nintendo Switch Line Boxes

Source: Rebecca Spear / iMore Original Switch (left), Switch OLED (center), Switch V2 (right) and Switch Lite (top right).

So far, four Switch iterations have been published. So, if you are looking for a specific model, pay attention to the packaging. $ 300 original switch was launched in 2017 in a box with a white background, $ 300 Switch B2 arrived in 2019 with improved battery life in a box with a red background. There is no text in any field to indicate which version is inside. The original Switch has been largely replaced on the shelves of Switch V2 stores, but the older one occasionally appears. If there is a choice, you will want to get a Switch V2.

$ 350 Switch to OLED was released in October 2021 and is the first iteration of the Switch in a box that is higher vertically than horizontally. It also has the words “OLED” written below the console image. This is the first Switch to come in white, so if you see a white Joy-Cons, it’s a good bet you’ll get the right device. It has a larger OLED screen, twice as much internal memory as previous Switch consoles and comes with an updated base station.

$ 200 Switch Lite is in a smaller package because it does not include a dock. You should also look for the word “Lite” in the lower right of the box. It can only be used in manual mode, has no removable controllers and no rumble.

Cyber ​​Monday Deals

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