Beauty stand for monitors and laptops (and Hulk cable holder) [Setups]

In the world of computer settings, space is often at stake. When you have computers, screens, peripherals, gadgets and cables, you need a certain area. But not everyone has a big table, much less one. Certain types of stands and mounting arms come in handy here.

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The beauty of a monitor and laptop stand

Take Redditor Dhudong for example. They have a not very large desk — 47.5 inches x 23.5 inches — leaning into a narrow space along the wall and between two other walls. This eliminates the possibility of the monitor being tilted over the edge of the table to one side or the other.

So how does Dhudong maintain such a neat little table with work space? One way would be to mount the monitor directly on a wall, as some people do with flat screen TVs. But Dhudong’s response boils down to an adjustable laptop stand and a hinged monitor holder. They both lift the hardware off the table, creating more space for other things.

Dhudong keeps his MacBook Air open on an adjustable aluminum laptop stand. The height of the stand keeps the MBA up and away from the table, and the base of the stand creates space for some smaller items. There rest a notebook, a watch, and a small holster. The laptop is at hand, but not on the road.

The story is similar with Dhudong’s 32-inch M7 smart monitor. Mounted on an articulated arm that can move in any direction, it can be almost flush with the wall or slightly sloping. Only a small base takes up space on the actual desktop.

Since the screen and hand take up so little real estate on the desktop, there’s room for a pen holder, clock, speaker, small charger and even an Incredible Hulk cable holder. Commentators like the little Hulk, even though it only has one cable, which contributes very little to the overall cable management. But he’s cute. We offer one on the list below, but we have not been able to find the exact one that Dhudong has.

Keychron mechanical keyboard

As we find with many Mac-oriented settings, the keyboard is a third-party mechanical keyboard, not an Apple product. Dhudong uses the Keychron K3 V2, the company’s ultra-thin model.

One Redditor asked how Dhudong liked his Keychron. The commenter read mixed reviews citing issues such as a lost Bluetooth connection.

“I have never experienced a loss in a relationship,” Dhudong replied. “What I will say is that if you like mechanical keyboards, don’t expect too much from them. However, if you don’t know much about mechanical keyboards, but want to get an impression, then these are a pretty good, relatively low price. ”

Another commenter asked about the relatively low profile of the K3 V2 keyboard compared to other keyboards.

“I’ll need to get used to it a bit if you come from a regular mechanical keyboard because the travel and activation point is much shorter and easier (I have low-profile blue switches that can be replaced),” Dhudong wrote. “But if you’re coming from a macbook or any cheap low-profile keyboard, that’s fine, but I think it’s still a little lighter than a macbook keyboard.”

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