Beats Pill + speaker returns from the dead for skull-encrusted encore

The limited-edition Beats Pill + features a skull-and-bones design.
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In a crowded Bluetooth speaker market a few months ago, Apple and its subsidiary Beats by Dre discontinued the Beats Pill + portable speaker. They gave no word of a replacement. But now, suddenly, it arises from the dead for what appears to be one last encore. And it’s all dressed up in skulls.

The limited-edition speaker crawls from the grave on Friday at the clothing brand Stüssy’s website. But it’s a limited-time offer.

Beats Pill + speaker returns as Stüssy limited edition

Beats collaborated with fashion brand Stüssy on a limited-edition Beats Pill + speaker. It features a skull-and-bones design and the Stüssy logo. A message engraved on the speaker’s top says “the only good system is a sound system.”

Judging by images Stüssy shared on its website, the limited-edition model appears to have the same design as the original Beats Pill + released in 2015. Nothing indicates updated features, either.

As for the brand, Stüssy describes itself this way on its website:

In the late ’80s and early’ 90s, a brand was born from the Southern California surf scene and swept through the clothing landscape to redefine the look and ideology of casualwear. That brand was Stüssy, a label that grew organically from youth movements and inadvertently revolutionized the clothing business.

Here’s the company’s teaser video for the limited edition speaker:

The speaker will be available worldwide on Stüssy’s website for a limited time starting Friday, March 4 at 10 am Pacific. The company did not disclose pricing. But the previous Beats Pill + price was $ 179.95 in the US

Where to buy: Stüssy

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