Babbel lets you learn languages ​​fast, and you can save 60% with this deal

Ask someone for their New Year’s resolution, and there’s a decent chance you could tell them their answer before they do. That’s because most of us are thinking about the same areas of self-improvement each year. There’s exercising, losing weight, and getting organized. Another top 5 resolution: learning a new skill… like maybe a languae.

Of course, nobody wants to be slaving away on a New Year’s resolution by early summer. So, the Babbel Language Learning App gives users the chance to knock it out in three weeks.

Learn a new language

Babbel captured its place as the top-grossing language-learning app in the world by creating a program with a learner’s jam-packed schedule firmly in mind. Developed by more than 150 linguistics experts, Babbel structures its training into easily digestible 10-minute lessons that can fit effortlessly into anyone’s daily routine.

The subscription offerings can get you on the way to full comprehension and fluency in 14 of the world’s most popular languages. Each lesson works on building your basic conversational skills, guiding you through useful real-life subjects like travel, family, business, food and more.

Babbel gives you personalized language reviews

Meanwhile, Babbel’s own personalized lesson reviews help make sure each new training takes root.

During your lessons, Babbel’s state-of-the-art speech-recognition technology will be constantly evaluating your verbal performance. Babbel accurately assesses your word choice, sentence structure, pronunciation and more. That way, Babbel can properly gauge your strengths and weaknesses in your new language.

That, in turn, means you’ll spend your valuable learning time where you need it most.

Within three weeks, Babbel’s coursework can get you started speaking confidently in your new language. Just pick one of Babbel’s 14 languages ​​and dive in.

Save on Babbel

Maybe you want to finish off the Spanish, French or German training that never quite took in high school. Or perhaps you prefer to branch out into more unique languages ​​like Russian, Swedish or Indonesian. No matter your motivation, your ongoing subscription assures that once your current self-improvement kick ends, you’ll still have years to devour all the other languages ​​Babbel offers.

Don’t just take our word for it, either. A happy student raved about Babbel on Trustpilot. “Great app for learning any language,” they wrote. “I’m currently learning Spanish and I’m confident that with Babbel I will be able to learn other languages ​​fast and easy too.”

Understand a new culture, discover its people, and learn a language that speaks to you while saving up to 60% off a Babbel subscription now.

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