Award-winning Viking Oddmar + platformer moves to Apple Arcade

Oddmar won the Apple Design Award in 2018, and a Viking-themed platformer is now available on Apple Arcade. The second supplement from Friday is Dandara: Trials of Fear, also a platformer.

Both games have been in the App Store for years, but have now joined hundreds of other titles in Apple’s game subscription service.

The search for Valhalla u Oddmar +

U Oddmar +, players lead the titular Viking through 24 levels to prove you are worthy of Valhalla. At each level, the Viking has to fight various villains, jump over spikes, collect coin equivalents and solve puzzles. So, yes, it’s a typical side-scrolling platformer. But very well designed.

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Dandara: Trials of Fear + she is also beautiful

Another App Store classic moving to Apple Arcade on Friday is Dandara: Trials of Fear +, which describes itself as a 2D platformer metroidvania. It challenges players to use a combination of speed and skill, wit and reflexes, to solve puzzles, earn reinforcements and access areas that were previously inaccessible.

The game offers beautiful handmade pixel art and original soundtrack compositions.

Both now on Apple Arcade

Oddmar + is now available in the Apple Arcade section of the App Store. The same goes for Dandara: Trials of Fear +. Both support game controllers and are available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. In addition, there is a Mac version Oddmar +.

Playing any other costs $ 4.99 a month. No original games had in-app purchases, so you didn’t have to download them to appear in the game service, which prohibits them.

Apple has added a lot of App Store classics to the service in recent months, e.g. Crossy Road + i Galaga Wars +.

It is on a large collection of original games, including NBA 2K22, Lego Star Wars Battles and Sponge Bob: Patty Pursuit.

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