Astroworld’s $ 750 million lawsuit seeks damages from Apple

Apple has been named along with Travis Scott, Drake and concert promoter Live Nation in a new $ 750 million lawsuit over last month’s disastrous Astroworld festival. Houston attorney Tony Buzbee filed the lawsuit on behalf of 125 people present at the concert, including the family of 21-year-old victim Axel Acosta.

“No amount of money will ever make these plaintiffs whole,” Buzbee said. The compensation sought is aimed at “punishing and setting an example for all involved” in the event – and encouraging better security measures in the future.

Every individual ‘will be fairly compensated’

Several lawsuits have already been filed after the November 5 Astroworld Festival, in which 10 people – including nine-year-old Ezra Blount – died from injuries sustained during the mass crowd.

Although Apple was not involved in the organization of the event, it broadcast it through Apple Music. The company also promoted the concert on social media, however, those posts were later removed – replaced by a statement that read:

Our hearts go to the victims who tragically lost their lives or were injured in Astroworld and their loved ones. We are devastated.

Apple was later criticized for not interrupting its live stream earlier, after footage taken from it – showing ambulances and rescue services breaking through the crowd – went viral. The company is now facing legal action.

“Today, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of 125 visitors to Astroworld, including the family of Axel Acosta,” Buzbee said in a statement on Instagram. “I firmly believe that every individual who attended that concert and who suffered an injury will be fairly compensated. I intend to make sure of that. ”

Apple named in a $ 750 million lawsuit

The lawsuit, which also includes Epic Records and is expected to add another 100 individuals “very soon”, seeks compensation for “loss of mental and physical health and human life,” Buzbee said.

“No amount of money will ever make these plaintiffs whole; no amount of money can renew human life, ”the documents say. “The quantum amount requested includes sufficient criminal damages to punish and exemplify all those involved in the streaming, promotion, organization and unsuccessful performance of the concert, as well as to encourage those engaged in such activities to do so with safety in the first place, not just as an afterthought. ”

Travis Scott and Live Nation offered a refund to those who attended the event, but Buzbee called this a “transparent and grotesque effort” to limit their liability.

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