Apple’s new iPad mini 6 could have trouble moving

The iPad mini 6 could have trouble with the way it refreshes the screen while scrolling, with one side seemingly updating at a slightly different rate than the other, creating a “jelly” effect.

The iPad mini 6 has introduced an updated screen in the design of a compact tablet, but it seems to have some problems with teething. After careful examination, there appears to be a limited problem of “moving the jelly” with the tablet.

Pointed by Dieter Bohn from The Verge included Twitter, the left and right sides of the screen are updated inconsistently when used in portrait orientation. The effect, which has occasionally appeared on devices in the past, is especially noticeable in situations such as pages of text or where large patterns move up and down across the screen.

A video has been posted showing the phenomena with the scrolling of the web page, with the right side updating the hair before the left. However, the video was slowed down to increase performance for demonstration purposes.

According to Bohn, the effect is barely noticeable, but it emerges “from time to time”. Furthermore, the problem does not manifest itself when you use the iPad mini in landscape orientation, which means that it only affects the use of portraits.

While it is likely that there could be a hardware problem with the screen itself, it is also possible that Apple could create a software fix for future iPadOS updates to fix the situation.

Apple has not yet commented on the discovery of the iPad mini screen.

The scrolling iPad mini is the latest touch interface problem to come up for Apple. In May, users complained about the new Siri Remote for Apple TV 4K because the gesture for the circular trackpad created problems when trying to flip through the media.

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