Apple’s latest antitrust case could lead to a large penalty in Russia

The latest case against Apple’s monopoly could lead to the company facing an indefinite fine in Russia. This came after the company failed to meet a September deadline to allow app developers to tell customers about alternative payment options.

Although the potential amount of the fine has not been specified, the wording implies that it could be significant …


Apple has faced a large number of antitrust investigations and lawsuits around the world due to its monopoly position in the sale of iOS apps and payments within apps. You can read more about this disputed monopoly status in our antitrust guide.

One specific basis of the dispute was the anti-governance rules that Apple applied. They said developers were not allowed to tell app users about alternative payment methods for in-app purchases, allowing Apple to take its share of all of that revenue.

The Cupertino-based company agreed to change these rules back in August, but did so in an extremely limited way that did not satisfy all regulators and developers.

Previously, developers could not even do that email app users to notify them of alternative payment options. Now I can – but that’s it.

Developers still cannot provide an in-app connection to an alternative payment platform. Indeed, the company confirmed to us that the developers were not even allowed to do that to mention alternative payment methods within the application.

Yes, an app can ask for a user’s email address – but it can’t do that with a message that says do it so we can tell you about subscription options. If a user enters their email, the developer can send them a link to payment options, but developers still can’t direct users to them within the app.

So, Apple has resolved this particular lawsuit, but it still has an anti-management policy, so yesterday’s announcement will do nothing to allay concerns against the monopoly.

Russia is opening the latest case against Apple’s monopoly

Russia is among the countries that are not impressed by Apple’s limited response Reuters.

Russia has launched antitrust proceedings against Apple for failing to allow app developers to tell customers about alternative payment options when using their App Store platform, Russia’s antitrust regulator said on Wednesday. […]

The company previously received a warning regarding this problem and was given a deadline of September 30 to “stop the abuse on the market,” the regulator’s Roskomnadzor said in a statement.

The regulator said that if Apple is found guilty of acting against competition, then it will face a fine ‘based on its revenue in Russia.’

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