Apple’s iPhone was not affected by the lack of chips hitting rivals

New research claims that the lack of chips means that smartphone manufacturers receive only 70% to 80% of their component orders – but Apple’s iPhone is not affected.

While other research says Apple is now starting to feel the effects of a lack of chips on all of its devices, things are getting better with the iPhone.

Counterpoint Research reports lowering its global smartphone delivery forecast to an estimated 6% annual growth to 1.41 billion devices. The company originally forecast growth of 9%, for a total of 1.45 billion phones.

“The smartphone industry was set to recover strongly this year after COVID-19 hit the market hard in 2020,” the research company said in a statement. “Smartphone retailers have been ordering large components since late last year, and consumer demand due to delayed replacement purchases boosted the market in the first quarter.”

However, later “some original equipment manufacturers and smartphone manufacturers” reported that they received only 80% of their orders for key components in the second quarter of 2021.

“[The] The situation seems to be getting worse as we move through the third quarter of 2021, “the company continues.” Some smartphone manufacturers now say they only receive 70% of their requests, creating more problems. “

Counterpoint says 90% of the smartphone industry is affected by these problems.

“The lack of semiconductors seems to affect all brands in ecosystems,” said Tom Kang, director of research at Counterpoint Research. “Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi are affected and we are lowering our forecasts. But Apple seems to be the most resilient and least affected by the lack of AP situation.”

Research does not indicate how Apple could avoid the shortage. However, previous reports on the issue have suggested that Apple may have stockpiled with its purchasing power.

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