Apple’s growing focus on health is evident in recent employment trends, a new board member

Apple has been talking for years about the role it wants to play in human health, led by the Apple Watch and its range of health functions. As the Apple Watch matures and Apple increases its integration of health-focused hardware and software, several pieces of evidence suggest that the company is positioning itself for even greater expansion in that direction.

According to the trends put together by Linkedin and seen MacRumors, over the past year, Apple’s open ads for jobs in health-related areas have increased by over 220%, with a significant portion of the increase coming in just the last few months. Apple’s health-focused recruitment has been the fastest-growing segment for the company in the past year, followed closely by sales and IT professionals such as cloud computing and security, according to the data.

Apple has stepped up functions and services related to consumer health in recent years, with much of the credit attributed to the Apple Watch. Apple has slowly transformed the Apple Watch into a more integrated health tool, incorporating multiple sensors, such as blood oxygen, with machine intelligence on the device to spot possible alarming trends in heart rate and more.

As another sign of its health aspirations, Apple announced this week that Johnson & Johnson President and CEO Alex Gorsky has joined its board of directors. Gorsky is a “visionary in healthcare” who carries with him “tremendous knowledge, experience and a passion for technology for the purpose of improving lives and building a healthier community,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. Gorsky joins former Genentech president and CEO Arthur Levinson on Apple’s board, giving Apple significant health expertise on its board.

As for Apple’s to-do list, many of them focus on health research rather than specific roles in product development. Apple has invested heavily in health research with the Research app, striving to do so as a first step for all future health features on the iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple’s health research efforts of course also internally support the development of new products and features.

apple research application

One specific list of jobs released earlier in the summer is looking for a manager who would “lead human studies efforts in collecting data to support the development and validation of new health sensors and algorithms”. Another job ad is looking for a more product-oriented candidate who will “work closely with other designers, writers, engineers, scientists, researchers and business partners on the concept, prototype and design of elegant experiences that help our clients control their health. ”

Apple has branched out into health issues, moving away from providing data to users not only from sensors on the iPhone and the Apple Watch, but also working with hospitals and medical facilities to create a wider ecosystem. With the Health app on iOS 15, Apple has added functionality for users to share health data with family and close friends, COVID-19 vaccine records, featured blood glucose data and more.

At the heart of Apple’s health plan is the Apple Watch, and reports suggest the watch will continue to mature as an independent health device for years to come. Users may be able to measure their body temperature and even blood pressure in future iterations of Apple Watch.

The body temperature of the Apple Watch is over

“Apple’s most important contribution to humanity is health,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview in January 2019, just months after the Apple Watch was given the opportunity for users to make an ECG right on their wrist. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the company’s recent employment trends regarding health.

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