Apple’s first headphones could be 3 years ahead of its rival in computing power

Apple’s first mixed-reality headphones will come with the same 96-watt power adapter that comes with some 14-inch MacBook Pro models, according to one analyst – who says it’s proof the device will have plenty of computing power.

The “metaverse headset” is expected to be about two to three years ahead of competing products and could sell as many as 3 million units during its first full year of availability, climbing to 20 million units in 2025.

Apple’s first mixed-reality headphones will be powerful

Apple doesn’t want to give users mixed-reality headphones that require another device – like a Mac or iPhone – to work. So, the device will reportedly have its own powerful chips to provide revolutionary AR and VR experiences.

According to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuou, who has proven reliable in the past, Apple’s first headphones will use the same charger as the MacBook Pro to ensure that these chips get all the power they need.

“Our survey shows that the Apple AR / MR headset will use a 96W charger with the same specifications as the MacBook Pro to enable faster and more efficient charging for Apple AR / MR headphones,” the report said. Cult Maca.

“This charger specification proves that the Apple AR / MR requires the same level of computing power as the MacBook Pro and is significantly higher than the iPhone.”

Power as much as M1

Last November, Kuo predicted that Apple’s mixed-reality device would offer the same type of power as the M1 chip, with a secondary processor that solves some of the easier tasks, such as communication with sensors.

The standalone design will allow Apple’s headphones to compete better with rivals like the Oculus Quest 2, which also has built-in processors. However, Kuo says Cupertino’s offer will be in power two to three years in advance.

That could help him attract some impressive sales figures. “We anticipate that deliveries of Apple AR / MR headphones will reach 3 million, 8-10 million and 15-20 million units in 2023, 2024 and 2025,” Kuo added.

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