Apple’s fancy black-and-silver Mac accessories can now be purchased separately

Along with the new Mac Studio desktop computer and Studio Display Apple rolled out on Tuesday, it launched swanky black-and-silver peripherals – Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse – that go well with the new gear.

They’re similar to options you can choose if you buy a pricey new Mac Pro. But now you can purchase them separately.

Do you have to pay a bit more than you would for the normal options sold a la carte? Yes. But of course you do.

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Apple offers black-and-silver Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse

Apple’s latest Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad is now available with a silver body and black keys. The Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse are both available with a black multi-touch surface and silver undersides.

The black-and-silver color options complement the look of the new acMac Studio‌ and Studio Display. But the new desktop computer and monitor don’t come with peripherals, so the new keyboard, trackpad and mouse are for separate purchase by all.

Note that dressing up your workspace with these peripherals may look great, but you could be in for a bit more of a smudge-fest than usual. The black surfaces may pick up more fingerprints than other choices.

Add a new black-and-silver Magic Trackpad while you’re at it.
Photo: Apple

The accessories are the same as the slightly redesigned versions introduced with the 24-inch iMac last year, but feature the glossy black color as well as black braided Lightning cable.

Up until now, black-and-silver peripherals were available exclusively with the Mac Pro, not for separate purchase. It appears the acMac Pro‌ still includes the choice of peripherals in these colors, but with an older design.

Pricing and availability

All three items are available to order from Apple. They should be available in stores Friday. You can pick up the Magic Keyboard with ‌Touch ID‌ for $ 199, the Magic Trackpad for $ 149 and the Magic Mouse for $ 99.

Alternatively, the new Magic Mouse is also available at Amazon for the same price (that is, $ 20 more than the white Magic Mouse).

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