Apple’s Employee Giving program surpasses 2 million volunteer hours and $880 million

As the year comes to a close, Apple has shared an update on its Employee Giving program that’s making a big impact around the world through both direct donations and time from over 76,000 volunteers. The company also shared stories about how the efforts are making the world a better place.

Apple shared the update on its 11-year-old Employee Giving program in a Newsroom post this morning:

“Since its inception 11 years ago, Apple’s Employee Giving program has raised over $880 million dollars for almost 44,000 organizations globally. That includes the work of more than 76,000 employees who have logged more than 2.1 million volunteer hours. For every hour an Apple employee volunteers or a dollar they donate, Apple matches with a monetary donation to the same organization. In addition to volunteer activities and contributions made through the Employee Giving program, Apple also contributes millions of dollars to nonprofits through corporate grants.”

Apple highlighted some of the employees that have been making a meaningful difference:

“Since January, Apple Store team member Maranda Barhorst has volunteered her time remotely reading audiobooks for children at the Ronald McDonald House in Washington, DC; helping a doula in Tennessee create materials for her nonprofit that aims to reduce maternal mortality rates; and designing cards that highlight Black professionals to inspire students in Chicago. That’s in addition to volunteering in person with Big Brothers Big Sisters in her hometown of Cincinnati. And the year’s not over yet.”

Here’s how Barhorst described her desire to give:

“I never needed for anything growing up, but it wasn’t easy either,” says Barhorst, a manager at Cincinnati’s Apple Kenwood Towne Center who is part of Apple’s Global Volunteer Program. “So any opportunity to make it a little bit easier for someone else is something that speaks to my soul — if I can, then I should. Because helping someone be courageous or feel included can change the future, and it’s important to be one of those ripples in the pond.”

Apple also shared about other direct impacts around the world employees have made like humanitarian efforts during the war in Ukraine at the World Central Kitchen that’s served over 177 million meals since February.

From the rainforest in Brazil, to China, Africa, and more, check out more details on how Apple volunteers are making a difference globally in the full article.

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