Apple’s dependence on China is dangerous – advocacy groups

Apple’s dependence on China has been a constant concern, with trade wars, supply restrictions related to COVID-19, and human rights violations highlighted at different times. Now a group of advocacy groups have written to congressional House leaders to mark their own concerns.

The letter was written in response to claims that US antitrust law would endanger US companies and even pose a risk to national security …


Back in the summer, Democrats from the House of Representatives unveiled a package of antitrust bills, one of which was targeted at Apple’s App Store.

Antitrust Chairman David Cicilline (DR.I.) is the author of a law that platforms prohibit adversarial discrimination — laws that would prohibit many technology giants from “self-referencing” or favoring their products.

The goal of the law is for Apple to act in relation to its App Store, and Amazon in relation to its Marketplace.

The House Judiciary Committee approved the measures after bipartisan support, but bills are currently stalled due to more urgent fiscal issues. However, Democrats are determined that the bills will come to a vote.

Technical giants, including Apple, oppose the bills, and some former national security officials have even argued that any weakening of U.S. companies would jeopardize technical work with the Pentagon.

Apple’s dependence on China is dangerous

A group of non-partisan advocacy groups has now written to Congress, dismissing these arguments and suggesting instead that allowing so much power in the hands of such a small number of companies is actually a greater security risk. The letter specifically mentions the danger of Apple’s dependence on China.

Bloomberg reports.

A coalition of antitrust groups has attacked the claim of American technology giants that bills aimed at limiting their power pose a risk to national security, claiming that excessive reliance on a handful of companies is more dangerous.

America’s most powerful technology companies put shareholder profits above the public interest, according to a letter from advocacy groups obtained by Bloomberg News, which rejects warnings about a series of antitrust laws before Congress […]

In the letter, the groups point to examples, including Apple’s reliance on China’s supply chain and reports that U.S. technology companies are helping with Chinese surveillance and censorship. The groups argue that business decisions in the interest of creating value for shareholders will always overcome issues of national security and human rights.

“Big Tech is not here to help national security or the public interest, but to maintain monopoly rents and market power,” the groups write.

The letter was written by the American Economic Freedom Project, the Center for Digital Democracy, Progress in Demand, the Public Citizen, and the Revolving Door Project. One Marine officer is one of those who rejects the argument of national security, saying the opposite.

Lucas Kunce, a Marine officer who ran as a Democrat for a seat in the Missouri Senate in 2022, said that in addition to the vulnerabilities related to the companies themselves, market concentration reduces the possibilities of products and services available to the Ministry of Defense.

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