Apple’s Deirdre O’Brien and Lisa Jackson among Fortune’s ‘most powerful women’

Fortune the magazine published the annual “Most Powerful Women” list, and among them are Apple vice president of retail and people, Deirdre O’Brien, and vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson.

O’Brien (pictured above) is Apple’s top HR officer and head of retail business. Jackson, in addition to being the person who told everyone during the introductory speech for the iPhone 12 why Apple was removing electricity from its boxes, is also leading the company to a carbon-neutral future by 2030.

This year, O’Brien and Jackson jumped two positions. O’Brien was 29, now 27, Jackson 35, and now 33.

In a brief profile, O’Brien is described as follows:

O’Brien’s responsibilities affect 147,000 employees and millions of consumers. She has helped formulate Apple’s plans to return to work and is developing its physical commerce strategy, including adding express counters where customers can pick up orders online and launching an in-store project to help mentor young creatives.

Lisa Jackson, center

Here is Jackson’s profile:

Although critics continue to claim that Apple’s products directly harm the environment, under Jackson’s leadership, the technology giant reported a 10% drop in carbon footprint from 2019 to the end of 2020. Jackson took over a new $ 200 million Reconstruction Fund in April. whose goal is to invest in forestry projects that annually remove at least 1 million tons of carbon dioxide, while making a profit for investors. It also helped increase Apple’s ability to ship all newly opened iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and MacBooks with 90% fiber packaging in fiscal 2020, in an effort to close the company’s commitment to remove all plastic from product packaging by 2025.

Fortune also notes that Jackson helped Apple create the Atlanta-based Propel Center, which will serve as a hub for historically black colleges and universities.

Both Apple executives play a key role in the company. While O’Brien has dealt with COVID-19 for both the company’s employees and its retail customers, Apple’s SVP is also facing unprecedented trends among employees who don’t feel questioned.

Jackson is one of the most important voices on Apple’s path to becoming a company with zero net worth. She recently participated in the Austrian World Summit and called for action on climate change.

Apple is already climate neutral and our entire supply chain and product use is committed to climate neutral until 2030. To address the global problem of climate change, companies need to show that climate neutrality is possible and work with governments to achieve systemic change.

You can read O’Brien’s full profile here, and Jackson here.


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