AppleCare + with coverage for theft and loss is expanding to the United Kingdom and Australia

Apple has expanded AppleCare + with theft and loss coverage, which includes up to two cases of iPhone theft or loss, to the United Kingdom and Australia.

Offered as an additional plan to customers in the United States, Japan, Germany, and now the UK and Australia, CAppleCare‌ + with theft and loss coverage can help customers who have unfortunately had a stolen or lost device to get a replacement without having to pay the full price of the new device. The plan requires users to enable the Find My iPhone feature on their device when it is lost or stolen.

In the UK, pAppleCare‌ + with coverage for theft and loss will cost £ 11.99 per month or £ 239 per year, with an additional surcharge of £ 109 to replace ‌iPhone -a‌. In Australia, pAppleCare‌ + with theft and loss costs $ 15.99 per month or $ 319 per year, with an additional $ 229 for certain cases of theft or loss.

PleAppleCare‌ + with theft and loss is offered with the standard ‌AppleCare‌ + package, which has no coverage for theft and loss cases.

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