Apple will fix an issue that prevents iPhone 13 users from unlocking with Apple Watch in an upcoming software upgrade

Apple said today that an issue that prevents some iPhone 13 users from using the Unlock feature using the Apple Watch will be resolved in an upcoming software upgrade.

In a support document, Apple said affected users can turn off the Unlock using the Apple Watch and use their code to unlock the iPhone 13 until a software update is released. This feature, which is designed to allow you to unlock iPhone while wearing a mask or ski goggles, can be turned off in the Settings app under Face ID and Password.

Apple did not specify which software update will include the repair, nor did it provide a time frame. The first beta version of iOS 15.1 was released five days ago, but Apple could also choose to release a minor update to iOS 15.0.1 with bug fixes.

As we reported, vulnerable users might see an “I can’t communicate with Apple Watch” error message if they try to unlock their iPhone 13 while wearing a face mask, or may not be able to set the Unlock using the Apple Watch.

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