Apple Watch Series 8: Everything we know so far

Many more months separate us from the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8, but we’re already hearing details about Apple’s next-generation wearable device.

This guide brings together everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 8 so far based on rumors. Keep in mind that it is still early, so these characteristics have yet to be confirmed.

Design and size options

Little is known about the design of the Apple Watch Series 8 at the moment, but it could look similar to the Apple Watch Series 7 because Apple has just increased the screen size with the Series 7 models, and Apple usually sticks to the screen size in a few years.

Screen analyst Ross Young has suggested that the Apple Watch Series 3 could come in three sizes instead of two, with Apple adding a larger size to join the 41 and 45mm size options.

Prior to the release of the “Apple Watch Series 7,” numerous rumors suggested that Apple was working on a refreshed design with flat edges similar to the flat edges of the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, but that didn’t happen in the end.

prosser apple watch series 7

Given the number of rumors that have confirmed that Apple is planning such a design, this could still happen, but for the 8 Series, not the 7 Series.

Robust Apple Watch

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a version of the Apple Watch “with a robust case” that is intended for athletes, mountaineers and others who use the watch in more extreme conditions than everyday wear. It will have the same functionality as the standard Apple Watch, but with improved shock resistance and protection. Apple is expected to launch the robust Apple Watch in 2022.

Health characteristics

According to The Wall Street Journal and other sources, Apple is developing several new health features for future Apple Watch models. These include blood pressure monitoring, fertility thermometer and sleep monitoring, detection of sleep apnea and detection of diabetes.

Some of these features could be introduced in the Apple Watch Series 8, but it’s not clear if all of these sensors are ready so Apple could also retain functionality until a later date.

Blood glucose monitoring

Apple is said to have a team of biomedical engineers working on a method to non-invasively monitor blood glucose levels using optical sensors, a technology that could potentially enter the Apple Watch at some point in the future. Such a feature would greatly facilitate the management of diabetes as it would not require skin piercing.

Blood glucose monitoring is a function that Apple has been working on for years, based on rumors, but it is a serious health feature that would probably require regulation.

DigiTimes claims that Apple is working on short-wavelength infrared sensors, which could allow the Apple Watch Series 8 to monitor blood glucose by measuring blood sugar levels. DigiTimes it’s not always the most reliable source, so this is by no means a guaranteed feature for the Series 8, but blood glucose monitoring is a feature Apple has been working on for some time.

Blood pressure measurements

Apple vendor Rockley Photonics is working on an advanced digital sensor system that allows wearable devices to monitor biomarkers such as basal body temperature, blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol, lactate, glucose trends and more, using optical sensors.

This technology could eventually reach Apple Watch given the partnership between Apple and Rockley, and rumors suggest that at some point we will see introduced blood pressure monitoring capabilities.

A blood pressure monitor worn on the wrist could be used to detect an increase in blood pressure and the function could detect hypertension. Apple intends to announce this feature in 2022, but it could be withdrawn because the technology still needs to be perfected.

Blood pressure monitoring would work by measuring the heart rate through the user’s arteries using a sensor. He would tell the user how his blood pressure is moving, but he will not be able to provide basic measurements of systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Temperature sensor

Apple was thinking of adding a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch 2021, but Bloomberg says it will likely be introduced in the 2022 update instead.

The temperature measurement function would be useful for monitoring fertility and sleep, and in the future it could also detect when a user has a fever.

Detection of sleep apnea

Apple intends to use an existing blood oxygen sensor to detect sleep apnea, but there are problems with frequent readings without significantly affecting battery life.

Apple Watch Patents

Apple has patented several interesting technologies that could potentially be used in future Apple Watch devices, such as a biometric authentication feature that verifies identity based on a user’s skin pattern. Such a feature would eliminate the need for a password when wearing an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch biometric sensor

Another patent describes a self-tightening bracelet for an Apple watch that would be adjusted during intense activities such as running or exercising to accurately read the heartbeat, and then loosened. Tightening can also be used for instructions, repetitions of exercise and more.

belt indicators for Apple Watch

The third patent describes an Apple Watch bracelet with an LED indicator that would visualize the progress of an activity or task, providing a visual indicator at the end of an exercise or, for example, an activity ring.

In December 2019, Apple released a patent that describes how the Apple Watch can help doctors monitor the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients using sensors to monitor tremors. Apple believes that this method of tracking data will allow users to better track their symptoms so they can plan activities around symptom patterns.

A pair of 2020 patents suggest that Apple is researching Touch ID and a camera below the screen for the Apple Watch. Apple describes a side button with an integrated “Touch ID” fingerprint sensor that could be used to identify users and unlock the device. Currently, the Apple Watch is unlocked with a password, and also when the paired iPhone is unlocked.

As for the camera below the screen, the patent describes a two-stage display technology that includes a camera that is visible from the outside only when it is turned on.

In 2021, Apple introduced a radical redesign of the Apple Watch in a patent application, with a rounded face of the watch, a flexible screen that wraps around, and digitally adjustable watch straps.

Apple watch wrap patent design screen

Apple has filed several other patents that cover the ability to move hardware into an Apple Watch bracelet, including batteries, speakers, kinetic energy generators, haptic feedback devices, and even cameras.

There’s no word on whether these patented features will become a real Apple Watch in the future, but it’s interesting to see what Apple is working on and thinking about behind the scenes.

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