Apple Watch Series 7 delivery dates slide in November

It’s a long wait.
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Delivery dates for some Apple Watch Series 7 models fell in November less than an hour after the device rose for pre-orders.

While some seemingly less popular configurations remain available for delivery on the day of launch on October 15, many will have users waiting for a few weeks.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is selling out fast

Recent rumors warn that stocks of the Apple Watch 7 will initially be limited. Cupertino reportedly faced production complications that made us wait longer than usual for his latest equipment to be worn on sale.

On top of that, the whole launch process proved to be very frustrating for Apple Watch fans this time around. Since Apple did not keep configuration and pricing details until this morning, many were faced with last-minute decisions about colors, cases, and ribbon combinations during the pre-booking process.

Those who choose the popular model are already facing a long wait. Less than an hour after opening subscriptions for the Apple Watch Series 7, many options are sold out and don’t arrive until November. Others will be delivered in two to three weeks, Apple says, although that is likely to change soon.

It seems that the most popular configurations so far, not surprisingly, are the most favorable ones. The new midnight and star aluminum models look especially hard to come by. Some more expensive stainless steel options are also not available until next month.

Get the Apple Watch 7 on launch day

If your preferred Apple Watch 7 configuration is already sold out, you may be able to download it from your local Apple Store or from a third-party retailer selling your Apple Watch on launch day. But it is a big risk.

If the desired model is not available for download in the store, you will have to wait for it to appear or later make a subscription online, after which the delivery dates will be moved even further.

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