Apple watch owners are suing for damage caused by swollen batteries

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit from Apple Watch users who claim they were injured by their device after its battery swelled and cracked the screen.

Prosecutors say Apple, in its efforts to make the Apple Watch as thin as possible, is not providing enough room for potential battery expansion. So when that happens, the screen pops up and can leave the “sharp edges” open.

The Apple Watch allegedly hurts some users

Apple makes almost all its products as thin as possible. He carefully and painstakingly designs each component to fit intricately inside incredibly small spaces, leaving little or no room for anything else.

That is certainly true with the Apple Watch. To keep the device from being large and bulky, its battery is firmly charged between the screen of the wearable device and the case, so if the battery breaks and expands, it usually displaces the screen.

That’s not the way the Apple Watch should be designed, according to a group of owners who are suing Apple for the injuries they suffered as a result of this problem.

“Knowing that the battery inside the watch can suddenly swell, Apple has allocated not enough space inside the watch to be able to spread freely without affecting the face of the watch screen,” the lawsuit states.

‘sharp razors’ that lead to ‘personal injuries’

“The island creates significant upward pressure on the front of the watch, causing the screen to break, shatter and / or burst through no fault of the user, exposing its edge edges and leading to clock failure and / or personal injury as a result of unintentional physical contact with detached, broken or cracked screen. ”

One of the plaintiffs, Chris Smith, who owned an Apple Watch Series 3, was driving in a golf cart when he bent down, and the separate screen of his three-year-old device “seriously cut” his forearm and cut a vein.

Others are also seeking general, special, incidental, legal, punitive and consequential damages for injuries sustained as a result of the same edition of the Apple Watch. Ironically, they also want a refund to buy new Apple Watch units.

The lawsuit includes all models of the Apple Watch, with the exception of the new 7 Series units, and claims that the devices are “unreasonably endangering consumer safety.” It is also said that Apple “did not uniformly reveal … a flaw”.

Not the first time

Battery leakage is a rare but real problem of Apple Watch that we have already heard about. In fact, this is not the first lawsuit filed against Apple over this issue. The 2019 case accused Cupertino of false business practices and breach of warranty using many of the arguments set out in this.

Apple also launched a program to repair swollen batteries in the Apple Watch Series 2 back in 2018. The corresponding devices were repaired for free.

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