Apple Watch owners are facing charging issues after updating to watchOS 8.3

Some Apple Watch owners have trouble charging after installing the latest Apple WatchOS 8.3 update.

The bug seems to mainly affect the Apple Watch Series 7 and third-party charging accessories from a number of brands. However, some users have reported similar problems with older Apple Watch models. There is a temporary repair if you need it.

Apple Watch will not charge with watchOS 8.3

Unfortunately, feature-breaking bugs are something we’ve been expecting from Apple’s software in recent years. Cupertino seems to rarely release an update for any of its devices that doesn’t pose some sort of frustrating problem.

The latest affects Apple Watch and prevents users from charging a number of third-party chargers after updating to watchOS 8.3. It seems that while the filling starts for most of the affected, it soon stops, leaving them a little juice.

“I updated my watch last night to 8.3, put it on a third-party charger this morning, came back after an hour and it got maybe 2%,” one Reddit user wrote. “Put them on the official charger, zoom in, charging almost in the blink of an eye.”

“My wife and I have exactly the same problem,” wrote another. “I bought 3-in-1 chargers that worked well before the latest update.”

“I have this problem too, with a 3-in-1 charger I ordered from Amazon,” said another. “I even contacted the seller and they (quickly) sent me a replacement… but others are doing the same thing.”

A quick but temporary solution

Some users speculate that this could be a deliberate move by Apple to try to block more affordable third-party charging accessories, given that many are immune to the problem when using chargers from larger brands like Belkin.

However, this seems very unlikely. This is almost certainly a bug that will hopefully be corrected in the next watchOS update. In the meantime, there is a temporary fix for those affected who should keep you for now.

Many users state that restarting the Apple Watch when they encounter this problem eliminates the charging problem so they can recharge up to 100%. However, it comes back, so you may have to restart every time you charge.

It’s not ideal, but it’s better than the dead Apple Watch.

Not the first time

This isn’t the first time a watchOS update has been needed to eliminate charging issues on the Apple Watch. A small fix, watchOS 8.1.1, must have been an issue last month when Series 7 owners were unable to charge their devices.

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