Apple Watch 7 includes a new “communication transmitter” for data transfer

But you probably won’t be able to use it.
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The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a brand new “communication transmitter” for wireless data transmission, regulatory documents reveal. The 60.5 GHz module works with a “Wireless Serial Dock” that could provide higher transfer speeds.

It appears, however, that the new connectivity option is likely to be reserved for internal use.

The Apple Watch Series 7 gets a new wireless data module

The Apple Watch Series 7 is almost identical to the Apple Watch Series 6, with the same design, processor, and health sensors. But this isn’t just a slightly larger screen that Apple has packed into a case for this year’s refreshment.

The latest Apple Watch also charges 33% faster than its predecessors. It also seems to include a new wireless module that could enable faster data transfer – albeit only for Apple employees.

The module was discovered in the documents of the Federal Communications Commission, which he noticed MacRumors, which mentions the “unlicensed / unlicensed data communication transmitter module” at 60.5 GHz, and the “suitable wireless serial docking station” that works with it.

The docking station contains a compatible receiver, magnets that hold the Apple Watch in place during data transfer, and a USB-C connection port.

Not for Apple Watch owners

It is believed that the new connection module and the accompanying docking station will enable faster data transfer between Apple Watch and another device. This means it could work for diagnostic tests and for switching firmware to newly built factory units.

The fact that the module is unlicensed or unlicensed suggests that the new data module will be reserved for internal use only. However, Apple could later use similar technologies on other devices, perhaps to enable iPhone without ports.

It remains unclear when the Apple Watch Series 7 will officially debut. The iPhone 13 and the latest iPad models are on sale around the world, but Apple’s website still states that the next-generation smartwatch will “come later this fall.”

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