Apple wants to give CarPlay control over your air conditioning, seats and more

Apple is working on a deeper CarPlay integration that could one day allow the system to take control of the air conditioning, seats, radio and other devices in your vehicle, according to a new report that lists people familiar with the plan.

The project, internally known as “IronHeart”, would require more support from vehicle manufacturers. But if Apple succeeds, CarPlay would be much more than a basic infotainment system.

CarPlay could be a lot smarter

Introduced in 2014, CarPlay currently gives you access to some of your favorite iPhone apps behind the wheel. Great for streaming music, podcasts and audio books. It also makes it easy to follow turn-by-turn directions while on the road. (Or so it was. IOS 15 recently introduced a bunch of CarPlay bugs that continue to plague some drivers.)

CarPlay definitely has its limits, even if it works properly. For example, if you want to listen to the radio or adjust the car seats or climate control, you have to jump from Apple’s system to another. Apple reportedly wants to change that with a more advanced integration of CarPlay.

“The company is working on technology that would access features such as climate control systems, speedometers, radios and seats,” reports Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources with inside information about the project.

Other features may include the ability to adjust the surround speakers and equalizer. It could also allow you to see the speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge groups within CarPlay.

Under construction

These features would not only negate the need to leave CarPlay so often, but could allow Apple’s platform to “cover almost the entire car,” perhaps eventually becoming the car’s default system.

But we shouldn’t get carried away yet. The project is “still at an early stage” and will require the cooperation of carmakers to make Apple’s plans possible, the report said. And that may not prove easy, even for the best traders in Cupertino.

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