Apple VR headsets will not create a full metaverse

Don’t expect Apple VR headsets to be the first step in re-creating Ready for the first player.
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While Apple is creating VR headsets, it is reportedly not developing a complete virtual world for users. Plans virtual reality games, videos and other experiences. But they are supposedly not going to be connected into one VR metaverse.

This sets him apart from Meta (formerly Facebook), who hopes to create a virtual world to manage.

The VR headset will not lead to the Apple version of OASIS

Bloomberg ‘Mark Gurman says that sources in Apple told him that there will be no metaverse of the Apple brand. “I was told quite directly that the idea of ​​a completely virtual world that users can escape to – as they can in Meta Platforms / Facebook’s vision of the future – is not allowed by Apple,” he said. via Twitter.

In other words, there will be no Apple version of OASIS from the book / movie Ready for the first player. In the film, OASIS provides a completely impressive experience with games, social media, news… everything.

That is dream of Meta platforms. CEO Mark Zuckerberg set out his vision for 2021 when the company changed its name from Facebook.

Apple is more interested in AR glasses

Several unconfirmed reports indicate that Apple introduced AR glasses after VR headphones – probably years later. And sources told Gourmet that Apple sees augmented reality service as more important.

“Augmented reality headphones are Apple’s real priority because they can be worn all day and, of course, don’t pull anyone out of the real world,” he said in the same Twitter post.

AR covers computer-generated images or text on the real world. It is different from virtual reality, which completely replaces the real world.

The Apple VR headphones expected in 2022 are intended for home use. Or on a construction site. Later, AR glasses will be worn anywhere and will perform the same tasks as the Apple Watch, but more.

Gourmet’s entire Twitter post says:

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