Apple VR / AR headphones can have more screens than people have eyes

Apple’s upcoming virtual reality and augmented reality headphones will have three screens, according to a new report by screen industry analysts. They also have a prediction of what the third screen will be used for.

Rumors indicate that VR / AR headphones will finally appear in 2022.

Apple VR / AR headphones will come full of features

Display Supply Chain Consultants have made a series of predictions about their industry in 2022. Apple VR / AR headphones are appearing conspicuously. “We anticipate that Apple’s headphones will have an innovative screen configuration, with three display modules: two Micro OLED displays and one AMOLED panel,” the report said.

Experts speculate that the two Micro OLED screens will have 4K resolution. As for the third display, “one possibility is that Apple will use the AMOLED panel for low-resolution peripheral vision, which will enable an aperture-based display system,” according to the DSCC. If true, it would solve the limitation of current VR headphones: tunnel vision.

Wikipedia defines “foveated image” as follows: “Foveated imageing is a digital image processing technique in which the resolution of an image, or amount of detail, differs from image to one or more‘ fixation points ’. The fixation point indicates the area of ​​highest image resolution and corresponds to the center of the retina of the eye, the fovea. ”

Analysts expect Apple VR / AR headphones to feature state-of-the-art technology – at an appropriate price.

“We can expect Apple headphones to cost several thousand dollars,” DSCC analysts note. (This has already been rumored.) “Our assumption is that the first-generation headphones will be a state-of-the-art device for professionals and developers to expand Apple’s ecosystem into AR / VR.”

Previous rumors

Details about potential VR / AR headphones have been leaking for many months. Apple is clearly developing a device without as many as its rivals, despite its superior feature set. The headphones are reportedly powered by a chip equal to the Apple M1 in processing performance. Many types of sensors will detect the environment and movements of the wearer’s body.

Speculation suggests that Apple unveiled its VR / AR headphones during this year’s World Developer Conference in June, but only delivered them to customers a few months later. This would give third-party developers time to write software for the product.

As the DSCC notes, the headphones will reportedly offer virtual reality i augmented reality. AR covers computer-generated images or text on the real world. It is different from virtual reality, which completely replaces the real world.

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