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Although Apple TV +long expected sci-fi series Foundation is maybe not completely adaptation it should be, an impressive level of work is still on display. From various planets and starships to different cultures, it can be easily captured majesty everything that happens in the story of the final, chaotic end of the Galactic Empire. Ahead of this week’s season finale, a a new behind-the-scenes video talks about how the series created them worlds between which the show bounced.

Foundation is a massive sci-fi saga, and although it naturally requires a lot of visual effects, there is also a surprising amount of miniature modelwhich were used during the recording process. According to supervisor Ian Hunter, the team would begin digitally modeling conceptual art before 3D model printing. From there, mini screens would be recorded with LED screens and recording movements to make things look as real as possible.

As for the looks and feelings of different worlds, costume designer Bart said nothing was unavailable for inspiration. Since the goal was to keep science fiction “realistic,” it was easy to draw from desert and Inuit societies to determine the appearance of what the characters would wear. As an example, designer Kurt pointed out that because Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell) originating from the water planet Synnax, the characters would wear ponchos and raincoats. “When you have these different characters coming from different worlds, ieIt’s easier to look at those characters and think about where they come from. ”

And there are languages. I like Game of Thrones which this definitely wants to be, according to producer David Kobe,, the show has different languages ​​and classes. That’s where language creator Fionualla Murphy came in, who wanted to make sure no planet or culture sounds the same. Anacreons, for example, are a warrior culture, so they had to be “dull, stubborn, and come out with it. ” Meanwhile, Thespis language is “more relaxed”, which gives their language better quality and maybe a little more royal.

Foundation is now available on Apple TV +, and the season finale airs on Friday, November 19.

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