Apple TV + drama unlocks a new star

The truth is being told this week they are heading abruptly for a collision as real crime podcaster Poppy Parnell and her childhood friend Micah Keith realize they could both represent their mutual destruction.

And once again, the stellar outburst of the supporting character steals the lights of attention in this rock-solid Apple TV + drama.

The truth is being told Review: Season 2, Episode 6: ‘All These Women’

In this week’s episode called “All These Women”, many of the lies told by Micah (played by Kate Hudson) about her relationship with the murder suspect Holt Rollins (Christopher Backus) have put her in trouble from which she still can’t see the way out. She tries to bribe Markus Killebrew (Mekhi Phifer) to stop him from helping Poppy (Octavia Spencer) investigate her, but so far everyone is too far away to stop.

Even the attraction to the jealousy of Marcus ’wife (Merle Dandridge) over Poppy’s long-dead relationship with him fails quite a trick, though it quite obviously brings Marcus into the hot water the next time he returns home. Her suspicions interrupt a beautiful little scene between a husband and wife as they agree on a plan to take their daughter’s cell phone.

As Holt hides in an abandoned house nearby, his paranoia begins to threaten his safety as much as the police contingent searching for him. He’s hiding with Rose, Mika’s old friend. Holt and Rose are out of their minds and seem to be in danger of turning against each other.

Don’t go over Poppy Parnell

Meanwhile, Poppy’s episode of the podcast about the feeling of betrayal and deception over Micah’s lies and half-truths leads to the unfolding of Micah’s empire. She loses sponsorships and opportunities and decides to attack instead of correcting the ship the way her board wants. He goes to the online news and breaks Poppy.

Poppy’s sister, Cydie (Haneefah Wood), rides to Micah’s office and threatens to beat her in front of the camera crews, which is a horrible sight. It won’t fix anything, but it makes great television.

Poppy tries to explore her childhood as an orphan by asking her father and sisters about their experiences after their mother died. Lately, he has been feeling distrust of his childhood memories, in part because Micah has influenced so many of them.

Poppy tries to figure out how much she owes her childhood friend as her guilt grows in Poppy’s mind. He also tries to understand how much he believes in his memories. And what percentage of what he knows about himself wants to believe more.

When Micah threatens to bring down Poppy, Poppy wonders why Micah remembered her childhood, and what she herself forgot. It’s an interesting topic you can follow in one show about how we shape stories and life stories to make them usable for the most people.

Then you chose wrong, now you chose wrong

If they weren’t talked about much The truth is being told summaries of the actual crafts of each episode – photography, sound design, etc. – This is partly because it is immensely solid, and partly because they have chosen a delivery system that does not interfere with character development or action.

Normally, I would be a little worried about this. But it’s refreshing to see something filmed for streaming that doesn’t look straight and relies on neon and navy blue like every third Netflix show looks. The truth is being told it’s more like a TV show on the web than 10 years ago, so I’ll take an alternative: most shows made now.

Haneefah Wood was a silent pillar all season (as was Tracie Thoms as Poppy’s second sister, Desiree). So it was really amazing to see the leaders let Wood off the leash. She steals the episode with her amazing outburst.

Vulgarity, clothes in bright colors, a motorcycle helmet … it’s such a fiery choice. It’s kind of a showstopper The truth is being told it began to make itself known during rather calm (though of course not to say uninteresting) episodes of dramatic tension.

Wood gets a great button a few scenes later when he sees it spreading on social media. “Oh shit,” she says. “I’m in trend.”

The truth is being told on Apple TV +

New episodes of the series The truth is being told arrive on Apple TV + on Fridays.

Rated: TV-MA

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