Apple TV + drama “Swan Song” debuts on December 17

The futuristic drama “Swan Song” starring Mahershal Ali and Awkwafin is set to premiere on December 17 on Apple TV +.

“Swan Song” was one of many film and TV projects that COVID-19 postponed. Apple has finally revealed that the film is complete and will premiere on Apple TV + and in select theaters on December 17th.

Rock he sat down with writer and director Benjamin Cleary to talk about the film and how it has evolved since its first conception. The story of the “Swan Song” was created ten years ago, and with the help of Mahershala Ali it became a reality.

“I saw within minutes I was sitting across from someone special, who was completely in tune with the heart of the script,” Cleary said of the meeting with Ali. “After two hours, he said, ‘I’d love to do that.’ Covid put us off for six months and we took the time to talk about all the elements, and he had such a nice way of discovering all those little things in the story.”

“Swan Song” is also Ali’s production debut, which asked for credit for the film. Something Cleary admits he didn’t consider himself – a formal acknowledgment of the contribution he made to his role.

“As a black actor, you have to lead those conversations all the time, because he has to feel authentic from where that character comes from,” Ali said talking about his production role. “Because you’re black, you have to feel authentic first and foremost to black culture, trying to translate those stories. That work requires you to be very aware and present in a certain way. When you produce, it felt natural, it’s a certain kind of work that I always had to work. Being so open to his ideas was such a great experience. “

The role of COVID was also considered in the development of the film. The isolation that many felt during the pandemic seems to have transposed into the character’s dilemma with isolation, according to Cleary.

The “Swan Song” is described as a “gender bending drama” set in the near future and explores how much someone will go to make life happier for the people they love and how willing they are to sacrifice in the process.

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