Apple tests Legacy Contacts to provide access to your data after your death

Setting up old contacts in the current version of iOS 15.2 beta is easy.
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Apple apparently intends to launch the promised Legacy Contacts feature in the upcoming iOS 15.2 and iPad equivalent. This will allow friends or family members to access your information after your death.

This will prevent pictures and phone numbers from being permanently locked on the iPhone or iPad if someone dies without giving the code.

Prepare your digital heritage with Legacy Contacts

Apple recently launched new beta versions of iOS and iPadsOS, and release notes for both state:

“Legacy contacts have been added to iOS and iPadOS 15.2 beta 2, allowing users to designate people as legacy contacts for their accounts, as part of Digital Legacy.”

The feature was first unveiled at the WWDC Developers Conference in June 2021. It will allow users to assign one or more administrators to gain access to photos, contacts, notes, and more. which were posted on iCloud after the iPhone / iPad user went through it. However, some information, such as saved credit cards and passwords, will not be allowed.

It is Apple’s response to criticism it has received in the past for refusing to unlock a device or account after a user has died.

Only with the old access key and more

Apple seems to be aware that this is a potential weakness in iPhone security. That’s why gaining access through his Digital Legacy program won’t be quick and easy. “Your legacy contact will need to provide an access key and a copy of your death certificate to access data from your account,” reads the pop-up in iOS 15.2 beta 2.

In addition to the iPhone and iPad, Apple has also begun laying the groundwork for this on its Digital Legacy website.

Since testing is underway, Legacy Contacts is likely to debut in iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2. They are expected to be made public before the end of 2021.

Testing for macOS 12.1 beta 2 also began this week, but Legacy Contacts is not mentioned in the release notes for it.

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