Apple spills ‘realityOS’ again as new AR / VR headset inches closer

Apple continues to lay the groundwork for its first mixed reality device.
Image: Steve Troughton-Smith

Another reference to Apple’s unreleased “realityOS” operating system leaked on Wednesday in new open source code. It’s suggests the company’s much-anticipated mixed reality headset is inching closer to its public debut.

It’s possible the headset will appear this year – perhaps at WWDC – as many reports have suggested. However, thanks to technical difficulties Apple has recently encountered, there is a chance we’ll have to wait until 2023.

Apple’s new realityOS leaks again

Much like tvOS and watchOS, realityOS is expected to be a version of iOS that’s built specifically for Apple’s mixed reality hardware. Although the foundations will be similar, realityOS will have its own interface that’s tailored to headsets.

It will also have its own App Store, which will allow third-party developers to distribute their own augmented and virtual reality applications, according to a recent leak code. There will also be a realityOS simulator.

The new code leak “bodes well for a product / platform announcement perhaps as soon as this year,” said developer Steve Troughton-Smith. However, Troughton-Smith also points out that realityOS has been leaking since iOS 13.

Apple’s first headset is on the way

Whatever the case may be regarding the headset’s release date, these leaks are a sure sign that Apple is at least continuing to lay the groundwork for its launch.

Whether you’ll actually want one is a different story. Cupertino’s first mixed reality device is expected to be a little bulkier than it would be – and wildly expensive. Some reports suggest it could cost as much as $ 3,000.

However, it is believed Apple’s plan is to continuously refine the design – to the point where the headset will look like a regular pair of glasses in the future – and eventually bring down its price.

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