Apple shares a clip of ‘Dozen Eggs’ on an iPhone video

Apple today shared a new video in its current series “Recorded on iPhone”, this time commissioned by French film director Michel Gondry, known for films such as “The Eternal Sun of the Immaculate Mind”, “Be Kind Rewind”, “The Green Hornet, “and” The Science of Sleep. “

The video focuses on eggs in a variety of fantastic settings and situations, and ends with a shot of the chickens on ‌iPhone‌. The entire short attachment was recorded on the iPhone 13 Pro.

What happens when you take a dozen eggs, add an iPhone 13 Pro, and insert Michel Gondry’s inventive mind? It simply becomes a cinema.

Apple regularly shares “Recorded on iPhone” videos and photos, and it is one of the company’s longest-running advertising campaigns. The video “A Dozen Eggs” could reach TV commercials and social networks.

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