Apple says the ‘jelly shift’ effect of the iPad mini 2021 is normal behavior

In 2021, iPad mini owners hoping for a fix for its mysterious “jelly shift” effect will be disappointed to learn that Apple considers this “normal behavior for LCD screens”.

Cupertino said the uneven shift could be due to the way Liquid Retina displays refreshments line by line. However, such behavior has not been observed on other Apple devices with LCD screens, such as the latest iPad Air.

‘Scrolling through jelly’ is not a problem on the 2021 iPad mini

The strange effect of scrolling on the iPad mini in 2021 was first noticed by Dieter Bohn, a reporter for The Verge, who documented it on Twitter. He also released a slow-motion video that made “subtle” behavior easier to see.

Here’s a slow-motion scrolling video on the iPad Min. I slowed down even more in frame by frame. Notice how the right moves faster up than the left. In normal use you can barely see it, but from time to time it becomes noticeable. The completely disappears in the landscape

Other owners of the iPad mini then began to notice the same effect on their devices, while some said they might have noticed it on the screen models they tried in the Apple Store. Everyone was hoping that Apple would fix the problem.

However, Apple does not seem to consider this a problem that needs to be fixed. “Apple has told us that the” scroll scroll “problem on the 6th generation iPad is normal behavior for LCD screens,” reports Ars Technica.

“Since these screens refresh line by line, there is a small gap between refreshing the lines at the top of the screen and the lines at the bottom. This can cause uneven scrolling problems like those seen on the iPad. ”

Why only an iPad mini?

This effect has appeared on other devices that Apple has not produced in the past. It tormented users of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, which blamed its flexible display technology, and more recently, smartphones from OnePlus.

However, the problem has not been noticed on other Apple devices with LCD screens, such as the latest iPad Air, the previous generation iPad mini, the initial iPad or older iPhone models.

Since Apple doesn’t consider this a problem, it doesn’t seem to be planning to try to remove the effect by updating the software. That means if your iPad mini shows that kind of behavior, well … you’re stuck with it.

Of course, you have 14 days to return the device if moving the jelly is something you can’t live with.

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