Apple says that third-party applications can take full advantage of ProMotion with input to Plist, there is a correction of errors in the core of the animation

After developers discovered that their applications could not currently use the 120 Hz ProMotion refresh rate for all animations, there was confusion about whether this limitation was imposed for battery life or an error. Apple has now given an explanation.

Apple said MacRumors that all third-party applications can take full advantage of the 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate, but developers will need to state that their applications use higher frame rates by adding entries to the plist of their application. Documentation of the required entry in the list will soon be available to developers.

Apple requires this power-up step to allow higher freshness rates only for apps that will benefit from the technology, which will optimize battery life on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

It is worth noting that this inclusion process is designed for applications that require full ProMotion support. Standard UI animations in everything third-party applications automatically get the benefits of higher and lower frame rates available with ProMotion without developers having to change anything.

There is also a bug that affects some animations made using Core Animation that Apple says will be fixed in an upcoming software upgrade.

As the developers have discovered, standard user interface animations in third-party applications automatically work with ProMotion display technology, which is true for all applications. Apps that will benefit from faster frame rates will be able to add that support and will be on par with Apple’s own apps.

Currently, with support limited to standard animations, there may be a noticeable difference between an interaction such as scrolling and another interaction such as closing a pop-up window. If, for example, you navigate through Twitter on the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, you’ll see a smooth scroll, but animations that haven’t yet been updated to 120 Hz are limited to 60 Hz, and these animations are much less smooth. This issue will be resolved as developers accept full support for the ProMotion feature in the future.

ProMotion display technology is designed to provide customizable refresh rates ranging from 10Hz to 120Hz. The iPhone’s refresh rate changes depending on what’s on the screen to conserve battery life, as the 120Hz refresh rate consumes the battery faster. For example, if you view a static page on the web, the refresh rate will slow down, but will speed up as you scroll. The ProMotion function is available on the PiPhone 13 Pro‌, PiPhone 13 Pro‌ Max and iPad Pro.

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