Apple says that the iPhone 13 Pro ProMotion is available to all applications, the Core Animation problem will be solved soon

Apple says all apps can access the full capabilities of ProMotion on the iPhone 13 Pro, though developers will need to update their code first. The company also identified a Core Animation error that could contribute to the problem.

Developers on Friday reported obvious issues in iOS 15 on the iPhone 13 Pro that limit some animations of third-party apps to 60Hz. The handset is the first iPhone to implement ProMotion technology, which enables dynamically variable refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Apple confirmed AppleInsider that all developers can take advantage of the ProMotion refresh rate range on the iPhone 13 Pro, but there is a caveat.

The company notes that iOS will automatically increase refresh rates for standard UI animations without developer intervention, although app creators seeking full access to ProMotion will have to add an entry to the list to state that their merchandise uses the available higher rates. Declaring support helps save iPhone battery life by allowing iPhone to decide which apps have great refresh options.

In practice, the requirement means that certain actions, such as scrolling, are currently performed at 120Hz, while others are not. Developers like Apollo creator Christian Selig see a discrepancy in their applications, as non-standard animations, such as pop-ups, are limited to 60 Hz. This behavior leads to a disturbing user experience, but the problem should be fixed after updating the plist application items.

More information on the required listing will be available to developers in the near future.

Apple has also identified a problem with animations created using Core Animations, although it is not clear if the problem is related to the refresh rate. The fix comes in a future software update, but until then, some animations that rely on Apple’s frame could also get stuck at 60Hz.

ProMotion is a variable refresh rate technology that intelligently selects the optimal display speed depending on the content on the screen and user interaction. Fast graphics and scrolling operations have higher rates, while static content is displayed at just 10 updates per second to save battery.

Although there has been widespread talk of integration on the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple officially announced support for ProMotion until last week, meaning developers couldn’t prepare their apps in time for the hardware launch on Friday. Indeed, application manufacturers to this day have not even been aware of the requirements of plist.

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