Apple says Notch is a ‘smart way’ to give users more space for content on the new MacBook Pro

The notch on the newly designed MacBook Pro offers a “smart way” to give users more space for their content and has allowed Apple to make frames thinner and provide more screen space to customers, an Apple official said during a recent media interview.

The inclusion of a comma on the completely renovated MacBook Pro was a surprise and was one of the few last-minute rumors to emerge ahead of Apple’s “Unleashed” event last week. As expected, some social media users have criticized Apple’s choice of design to add notches to the display.

Addressing the company’s decision, Shruti Haldea, Mac product line manager and one of the presenters of last week’s Apple event, said during an interview on the podcast Same Brain that notch is a “smart” solution for Mac because it gives users more space for their content by moving the macOS menu bar -and off the road.

What we did was actually make the screen taller. Like on a 16-inch notebook, you still have an active area of ​​16.0 on the diagonal in that 16:10-inch window, and we just zoomed in on the screen from there and set the menu bar up. We just moved it a bit and got it out of the way. So, it’s a really smart way to give you more space for your content, and when you’re in full screen mode, you have that 16:10 window and it looks great. That is flawless.

Compared to previous iterations of the MacBook Pro design, the new 14-inch and 16-inch models have significantly smaller bezels. Apple says the bezels are 24% thinner than the previous generation on the left and right sides of the screen, measuring just 3.5mm. On the upper side, thanks to the notch, the frame is 60% thinner, it also has 3.5 mm.

Although the comma is noticeable at first glance, Apple is betting on some macOS software features, including dark mode, to minimize how noticeable it is to some users in everyday use. For example, when macOS applications are in full-screen mode, the system adds a black box to the top of the screen, hiding the comma rather than interfering with user content. Developers can choose to have the content of their application displayed on both sides of the notch.

The comma is one of many changes to the new MacBook Pro. The new laptops have a completely redesigned chassis, additional ports such as HDMI and SD card slot, MagSafe, a mini-LED screen with ProMotion and M1 Pro or ‌M1‌ Max chips, which are the first Apple silicone chips designed for professional consumers.

Both the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models became available for pre-sale last week, and customers will begin arriving on Tuesday, October 26th. Both sizes can be configured with ‌M1‌ Pro or ‌M1‌ Max chips, giving users a significant increase in performance compared to ‌M1‌ Apple silicone chip. Learn more about the new MacBook Pro using our in-depth review.

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