Apple says it is “not surprised” by the high demand for its $ 19 polishing cloth, which is now ordered by 2022.

The hype train Apple Polishing Cloth continues today. This time, New York Times has released a new story detailing the demand for Apple’s $ 19 screen cleaning cloth, citing an anonymous Apple official who said the company was apparently “not surprised” by the demand.

If you go to the Apple Store Online today to buy a polishing cloth, Apple states a delivery estimate of 10-12 weeks. The company also says that the polishing cloth is “currently unavailable” in its retail facilities, which signals that stocks are not available in stores.

However, despite a delay of more than 12 weeks, an anonymous Apple official said New York Times that the company is “not surprised” by the high demand for a $ 19 bonus that is “very efficient” in its business:

An Apple official said in an interview, provided the New York Times did not quote or identify her, that the company was not surprised by the demand for polishing cloth. The official said that the fabric was very efficient and that it was designed to be special, including a custom light gray color. Apple said the fabric was made of non-woven microfiber, but declined to specify.

The Polishing Cloth was the main star of Apple’s “Unleashed” event held last week. As today’s report points out, the polishing cloth is not technically a new product. It used to be included exclusively with Apple’s Pro Display XDR, but only last week did the company decide to start selling it separately to the masses.

If you’re looking for a carefree story from Friday, you can find the full report at New York Times Web page. It will probably be the headline of the Sunday newspaper. (The story also contains quotes from our friend at MacStories, g. Viticci.)

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