Apple says iPhone users have used Shazam more than a billion times from the Control Center

Shazam is a go-to application for detecting and recognizing music. Apple-owned company announced that iPhone users have used the music recognition feature in the Control Center for more than a billion songs.

Apple has started offering Shazam in the control center starting with iOS 14.2. The numbers are pretty impressive, as iOS 14.2 was only announced last fall. Furthermore, Bruno Mars’s “Talking to the Moon” is the song that is most Shazamed, followed by “The Astronaut in the Ocean” with a masked wolf.

Shazam comes in handy when you want to recognize your favorite song. Currently, the application is not available as a default in Control Center controls. However, users can add a button using the Control Center customization option in the Settings app. In other words, the Shazam button is not set by default, but iPhone users prefer to use it in the Control Center. Apple bought Shazam in 2017 and since then the music recognition service has offered seamless integration with Apple Music.

Starting with iOS 15, the ShazamKIt framework will allow third-party apps to offer music recognition capabilities in their app. Apple uses Shazam to enhance Apple Music DJs. Usually dance mixes are created using multiple songs by different artists. In that case, every artist should receive compensation and well-deserved credits. Apple uses Shazam to recognize each clip added to the dance mix.

Shazam’s user base is not limited to iOS users. The number of Shazam users on Android has been steadily increasing since the last year. Shazam helps the company launch Apple Music. Earlier, Apple offered four months of free subscriptions to Apple Music for Shazam users.

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